We Need To Talk About Jason Blossom In Season 4 Of "Riverdale"

    I have SO many questions.

    🚨 Warning: This post contains spoilers! 🚨

    Hey there! My name's Lauren and I am a BIG Riverdale fan. Huge!

    And now that we're two episodes into Season 4, I gotta admit that something has been bugging me...

    And that something is Jason Blossom.

    You see, our beloved Jason died and was buried during Season 1. But ever since Cheryl brought home Jason's body at the end of Season 3, you'll notice that Jason Blossom is still very much dead, but definitely not buried!!!

    I know, I know. Riverdale has always been wild. But I gotta say, bringing Jason Blossom back from the dead is totally BONKERS!

    I have some questions. Like, how is his life — or afterlife — so eventful?!

    Jason Blossom having an extremely busy afterlife on this show. He's fucking dead and she still makes him do crossword puzzles smh

    Why is Cheryl changing his clothes?!?!

    How has his body remained totally intact?!?!?!

    Why did Cheryl leave Jason's hand sticking out in the open?!?!?!

    And how did Reggie NOT notice Jason's dead body sitting there?!?!

    How come nobody has been able to smell Jason's dead body yet?!?!?!

    What'll happen to Choni after Toni finds out about the body?!?!?!?

    But most importantly, what exactly does Cheryl think is gonna happen here?!?!??!?!?

    Like I said before, we're only at Episode 2. So hopefully we'll get some straight answers soon. Until then, it looks like we'll just have to come up with our own theories.

    If you're just as confused/stressed/hella uncomfy as I am, please let me know in the comments!