15 Times "Riverdale" Was Wild Even For "Riverdale"

    "I'm a ~weirdo~."

    1. The time Betty performed a painfully uncomfy strip tease in front of her mom, Jughead's dad, and a lot of other people at the Whyte Wyrm.

    2. The time Archie almost bled to death after he was *attacked by a grizzly bear*.

    3. The time the River Vixens showed up to juvie and performed "Jailhouse Rock" for the inmates.

    4. The time Betty found out she had the "serial killer gene."

    5. The time Betty chloroformed her mom and everyone just let it happen.

    6. The time Jughead established his "weirdness" once and for all.

    7. The time Cheryl and Veronica tortured Penelope with maple syrup.

    8. The time Veronica — a high-schooler — opened a speakeasy beneath Pop's.

    9. Literally every single time someone mentioned the dangers of Jingle Jangle and Fizzle Rocks.

    10. The time everyone joined a cult that actually harvested their organs.

    11. The time Archie and his friends formed a vigilante group and posted a shirtless video about it.

    12. The time Betty and her mom killed a man, destroyed the body, and never spoke about it again.

    13. The time Midge died on the opening night of Carrie: The Musical.

    14. The time Hiram — an actual adult man — wrestled against Archie — a 16-year-old.

    15. And finally, the time Archie taught his fellow inmates about the "triumphs and defeats of high school football."