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    "Barbie" Has Taken The Box Office By Storm — Here Are 14 Records The Movie Has Broken So Far

    With less than a week in theaters, Barbie has surpassed the lifetime gross for several female-directed films like Ocean’s 8 ($297.7M), Bird of Prey ($205.3M), and Little Women ($218.8M).

    Barbie is finally here (!!!!!!!!!!), and it's quickly becoming the biggest, most talked about, and most-loved movie of 2023.

    Barbie standing in front of a frame that's supposed to be a mirror

    And in addition to the movie being regarded as one of the most accurate representations of girlhood (thanks to Greta Gerwig), it's also broken a TON of box office records — it's really a win-win all around.

    cast of barbie with greta posing in the back of a truck wearing the same jumpsuits

    Here are all the records the movie has broken after just one week in the box office:

    1. Barbie grossed over $162M during its first weekend, which is currently the biggest domestic opening weekend for a movie released in 2023.

    the filming of barbie and ken roller blading

    2. It's also the biggest opening weekend domestically for a female-directed film ever. It surpassed Captain Marvel (co-directed by Anna Boden) with $153.4M and Wonder Woman (directed by Patty Jenkins) with $103 million.

    greta directing ryan gosling

    3. Barbie is the second highest-grossing movie for a female-directed film globally with $414.4M, just behind Captain Marvel with $456.6M.

    greta laughing behind the scenes with margot and ryan

    4. This movie marks the biggest weekend for Greta Gerwig as a director and has already surpassed the domestic grosses for her previous films Little Women ($108.1M) and Lady Bird ($49M).

    barbie and ken singing in the car

    5. It's the largest domestic gross for any of Margot Robbie's movies, surpassing Suicide Squad with $133.7M.

    barbie in her convertible

    6. It's also the largest domestic gross for any of Ryan Gosling's movies surpassing Blade Runner 2049 with $32.8M.

    closeup of ryan as ken wearing a denim vest with nothing under

    7. It also gained the most advance ticket sales for a Warner Bros. movie ever with $49.5M.

    barbies dancing

    8. It's also marked the largest pre‐shows of 2023 YTD beating the $17.5M each made by Ant‐Man & the Wasp: Quantumania and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

    greta behind the scenes with the cast looking at a laptop screen

    9. It earned the title of Largest Grossing Day of 2023 YTD, $70.8M, beating out The Super Mario Bros Movie‘s $54.8M.

    barbie standing on her dreamhouse and waving to barbie land

    10. It's currently the largest non‐sequel, non‐remake film released in July, a record previously held by The Secret Life Of Pets which made $104.4M in 2016.

    barbie standing in the middle of two kens

    11. It's Warner Bros. largest opening that's a non-sequel or non-DC franchise movie, previously It held the record with $123.4M.

    barbie showing her flat foot to the other shocked barbies

    12. It's currently the largest opening weekend for a movie based on a toy, beating out Transformers: Dark of the Moon with $115.9M.

    closeup of barbie and ken

    13. It holds the largest Monday box office in Warner Bros. history with $26.1M, beating Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight.

    weird barbie holding up a heel and a birkenstock in each hand

    14. And with less than a week in theaters, Barbie has surpassed the lifetime gross for several female-directed films like Ocean’s 8 ($297.7M), Bird of Prey ($205.3M), and Little Women ($218.8M).

    behind the scenes of filming barbie and ken in the convertible

    So, did you see Barbie in theaters? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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    One person commented, "Ryan Gosling as Ken could run me over with Barbie's car and I would thank him"