Ashton Kutcher Gave Fans Relationship Advice, And It's Suuuper Insightful

    The wise words of Ashton Kutcher, "Keep your hearts open."

    A couple of weeks ago, we revealed that Ashton Kutcher would be giving fans relationship advice, and we asked you to send in all the questions you had for him.

    So, in honor of his new Netflix rom-com Your Place or Mine, Ashton — or should I say "Docter" Kutcher — was delighted to sit down with BuzzFeed and offer some wisdom.

    One person asked when they should tell their friend that they're in love with them...

    Ashton says "Tell them you're interested in dating, not that you're in love with them — because you aren't"

    And someone else was curious how to tell if the person you're dating is ~the one~.

    Ashton says, "If you don't know, then they aren't the one. Also, maybe usually means no"

    Ashton even got into the nitty gritty of posting about relationships on social media.

    Ashton says, "Either they don't like social media, or they might not want others to know about your relationship"

    All in all, it was a fun and very informative time!

    Listen to all of Ashton's answers in the video below:

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    And be sure to watch him in Your Place or Mine, which starts streaming on Netflix today!