47 New Movies Coming To Netflix In 2023 That Are Definitely Worth Watching

    I'm counting down the minutes until the Nicole Kidman-Zac Efron rom-com comes out.

    It's finally 2023, folks. And that means New Year's resolutions, new celebs to obsess over, and — of course — new things to stream on Netflix.

    In the spirit of the new year, Netflix just shared all the new original movies they plan on releasing this year...so far.

    1. Dog Gone

    family in the driveway with a dog

    2. Jung_E

    man leaning against a wall holding a gun

    3. You People

    two men standing in a barbershop

    4. Pamela, A Love Story

    closeup of Pamela

    5. True Spirit

    closeup of a family of three in the kitchen

    6. Bill Russell: Legend

    black and white image of three Black men sitting behind microphones

    7. Your Place or Mine

    couple facing each other in bed

    8. We Have A Ghost

    closeups of David Harbour, Jennifer Coolidge, and Anthony Mackie

    9. Luther: The Fallen Sun

    man walking down a hallway

    10. The Magician's Elephant

    cartoon boy hugging an elephant

    11. Murder Mystery 2

    a couple holding luggage and using their phone on the street

    12. A Tourist's Guide to Love

    closeup of a couple in a pedi-cab

    13. The Mother

    woman standing in front of a cue marker

    14. Extraction 2

    man with blood on his face outside in the snow

    15. They Cloned Tyrone

    three people standing inside a steel room

    16. Heart of Stone

    closeup of a woman in a car

    17. Lift

    group of people gathered for a meeting

    18. Happiness for Beginners

    closeups of Ellie Kemper,  Luke Grimes, and Nico Santos

    19. The Perfect Find

    couple walking down a bridge drinking while cameras film in front of them

    20. Love at First Sight

    closeups of Haley Lu Richardson, Ben Hardy, and Jameela Jamil

    21. Damsel

    closeup of a woman with a sword

    22. Pain Hustlers

    three people holding hands with their arms raised in victory

    23. The Killer

    closeups of Michael Fassbender, Charles Parnell, and Tilda Swinton

    24. A Family Affair

    closeups of three people in an argument

    25. Leo

    closeups of Adam sandler, bill burr, and cecily strong

    26. Spaceman

    closeups of adam sandler, carey mulligan, and paul dano

    27. NYAD

    closeups of annette bening and jodie foster

    28. Leave the World Behind

    group of people standing and looking out towards something

    29. Rebel Moon

    closeup of a woman holding a large gun

    30. Players

    closeup of gina rodriguez, damon wayans jr, and tom ellis

    31. Monkey Man

    dev patel and sharlto copley

    32. Kill Boksoon

    Jeon Do-yeon and Sul Kyung-gu

    33. Victim/Suspect

    closeup of a woman's profile as she's in thought

    34. Chupa

    closeups of Demián Bichir and Christian Slater,

    35. The Out-Laws

    adam devine, pierce brosnan, and nina dobrev

    36. Nimona

    cartoon figure looking determined

    37. Reptile

    benicio del torro, justin timberlake, and alicia silverstone

    38. The Deepest Breath

    someone floating deep in a water sinkhole with light coming in through the opening

    39. The Monkey King

    cartoon monkey standing on a tree

    40. Untitled Wes Anderson/Roald Dahl Film

    benedict cumberbatch, ralph fiennes, and dev patel

    41. Rustin

    man with his hands up in victory standing in a crowd

    42. Shirley

    closeups of  regina king and lucas hedges

    43. Choose Love

    closeups of laura marana, Avan Jogia, and Scott Michael Foster

    44. Best. Christmas. Ever!

    heather graham and brandy

    45. Maestro

    two people standing in an empty theater

    46. Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget

    cartoon chickens

    47. And Chakda 'Xpress

    closeup of a woman wearing a uniform jersey and cap

    Which movie are you most excited for? Tell us in the comments below!