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    27 Things Peyton List Shared About Her New Movie "The Friendship Game," Filming "Cobra Kai," And More

    "I was genuinely sweating, crying, sobbing, and screaming. I think if I ever have to give birth, it'll be something similar to what I had to do at the end of this movie."

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for The Friendship Game!🚨

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    1. The Friendship Game is such a departure from Cobra Kai and the Disney Channel shows you’re known for. What made you want to sign on to this movie?

    I think that was exactly why I wanted to sign on because it's just so different. It's such a trippy movie and concept. Everyone that was a part of it was really passionate, and just so talented. The creatives across the board that I met — I just fell in love with them. That was a big reason for me.

    Zooza and friends sitting in a bedroom with their hands on a ball

    2. Zooza is such a headstrong, powerful character who’s definitely had a hard life, and is now on the verge of losing everyone she loves. How do you prepare yourself to get into those darker mindsets?

    I have to listen to what exactly is written on the page about the person but then go in and build so much more of that, you know? To build so many stories and core memories in my head just to be able to play from. I mean, it helps that I was filming in the middle of nowhere in Canada and I was staying in this divey motel. It helps to be removed from everything and just feel like I'm truly in this person's life and just walking around alone throughout Canada. I was being a bit of a loner. It's just fun.

    3. And then over the course of the movie, Zooza finds herself in a pretty chaotic mess when she realizes Rob may have killed Cotton. How do you come out of those intense scenes and shift back into your normal life?

    It's funny, I'll go home and be like, "Why can I sleep tonight? What's wrong with me?" Or why the next day I'll wake up and be like, "Why am I so anxious? Why do I feel absolutely horrible about myself and everything in the world?" Well, maybe because I just watched someone get stabbed over and over last night! I have to take a minute to just breathe and meditate — which I don't do enough — because it is a lot sometimes.

    Zooza looking terrified

    4. What was it like filming The Friendship Game in such a secluded town in Canada? Do you have any favorite memories of bonding with the rest of the cast?

    Oh, yeah, we have so many. Nothing bonds you like being thrown into a small town. There are four of you, and you're best friends now. You have to build this whole friendship and make it work and have chemistry. The night before we started shooting, I had the game We're Not Really Strangers, and we all sat on my bed and played the game. I was just like, "Guys, we're playing a game before we started The Friendship Game." [Laughs] I hate myself. But we played and I got to know them personally on such a deep level before starting. That kind of helped throughout the whole thing, just knowing these secrets about each other before going into it all. I just love them so much. I'm still I'm working in Canada right now, and I hang out with them all the time.

    5. Is there a scene from The Friendship Game that you’re most proud of?

    I think at the ending of the movie [when Zooza realizes that Rob killed their friend and might kill her, too]. I was genuinely sweating, crying, sobbing, and screaming. I think if I ever have to give birth, it'll be something similar to what I had to do at the end of this movie. It was fun to just feel free enough to do that and to play around. It's so therapeutic in a weird way.

    6. And what was it like finishing the script for the first time and realizing that everything that transpired throughout the movie might not have even happened at all?

    I thought, What even is real? and, Which reality is true? I started thinking about how there could be so many versions of people, and I wondered if there were other versions of everyone out there just existing. It blew my mind.

    7. Do you remember what your audition was like for Cobra Kai?

    Yeah, I do. I thought I was so wrong for Tory. And I was like, "I'm not a badass. I can't play this part." I didn't even know karate was involved for my character in the audition. I actually went to my friend's premiere the night before; I didn't prepare enough. And then I went in and I just kind of committed. When I finished doing my first take of it, I stopped, and then casting was staring at me. In my head, I was thinking, Okay, that actually felt pretty good. And they were like, "That was great!" It was such a surprise. Jacob Bertrand [who plays Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz] is the one who told the creators to watch my tape. If it wasn't for him, I don't know if they even would have seen it. 

    8. Had you seen Season 1 before you joined the show in Season 2?

    Well, I feel bad because I was friends with Jacob before, but I hadn't seen it yet. I didn't know how to work YouTube Red, even though it was really easy. But my brothers had seen it. And they were like, "Dude, you got to watch Jacob — you've got to watch the show. It's so good." So, the second I got the part, I figured out how to use YouTube. [Laughs] I started the first season, and then I could not stop. I was at the airport headed to go film the show. And I was like, "No, no, I don't wanna get on the plane. I need to keep watching this!" When I actually got to set, I was slightly nervous because I was a huge fan of everyone. I loved the first season. But then the second I got on the show, I couldn't see it unbiasedly anymore. I just couldn't watch it the same way.

    9. During Season 5 of Cobra Kai, Tory seems like she’s ready to put all of the messy things behind her. If the series is renewed for a sixth season, how would you want her story to play out?

    I really do want her to put everything behind her and keep up what she's been doing. She's been handling a lot. I hope there's a lot less on her plate. But I do hope that she can make amends with people and continue that. And just try to control her temper a bit more.

    BuzzFeed: Earlier this year, I asked Mary Mouser [who plays Sam LaRusso] if Sam and Tory could ever be friends and she didn't think so, but how do you feel?  

    At first, I remember being with Mary and someone asked that question. I cut her off and was like, "No, sometimes there's people who will just never be able to be friends. There's just too much that's happened." But I was younger when I started the show and when I said that. Now that time has passed, I've realized how things can heal and change and how petty boy problems can be. I mean, it was more than that too. Obviously, she accused [Tory] of stealing and all kinds of horrible things. But I think that it can be put aside because they've been through a lot together. Someone recently commented something that I really thought was interesting. It was a fan, and he said, "It seems like these girls are just fighting over these boys to get each other's attention. It's almost more about each other than it is about the boys." And I was like, "Well, at the end of the day, maybe they just really like to fuck with each other. Maybe they just really like each other." Not in a romantic way, but like they would be such a badass friendship pair.

    BuzzFeed: Yeah, they'd be a pretty unstoppable duo. 

    Yeah, like, maybe they should just be single, focus on themselves, and focus on each other. Yeah, Tory did break into her house, but things happen!

    Tory holding a trophy

    10. What’s the first thing you do after you wake up?

    I go on my phone and check my messages. 

    11. What’s the last show you binge-watched?

    Oh, I just watched The Bear. 

    12. People like Mindy Kaling, Carrie Underwood, and Andrew Garfield have been vocal about their love for Cobra Kai. Which celebrity have you been most surprised to find out was a fan of the series?

    I've been surprised by every single one of those people. I'm surprised when anyone says that they watch it. We went to the Critics Choice Awards, I went to go watch Ralph [Macchio] and Jacob present, and there was all kinds of people coming up [to us] to say they watched the show. 

    Oh, you know really surprised me? It was Amy Schumer. She hosted a huge reunion. I was just surprised by that. And then Josh Gad hosted us too. And that was another one where I thought, Wait, Josh Gad?! I love Josh Gad!

    13. If you could play any other character on Cobra Kai, who would it be?

    Ah, maybe Miguel? I don't know. He's just so sweet.

    BuzzFeed: Yeah, he goes a little back and forth though. He's so sweet, and then the next season he holds a grudge against everyone, and then he goes back to being sweet again.

    I resonate with that the most, I think. [Laughs] 

    14. If your makeup brand Pley could do a collab with any person or brand, who would it be?

    Hmm. That's a good question. Gosh, I mean, I love Shiseido. I love their foundation, and I use it all the time. I would love to do something with them.

    15. What's your wildest fan story?

    I've had some crazy interactions, especially from being a kid when I started. I mean, people would just invite me to random birthdays or parties that were happening at the moment. 

    Oh, recently, I got an Uber in New Jersey because I was filming there. And the driver had just moved here from Africa. And he was like, "Oh my god, Tory!" I was [confused]; I wasn't expecting it. I just forget that I'm an actor sometimes. And I was like, "Oh, hi!" We talked all about the show. He was so chill. Then we exchanged Instagrams and everything, and he's like, "I need to take a photo to send my family! I just moved here. This is so exciting!" Then, a few weeks later I'm standing outside my apartment, and I call an Uber. And it's him! I'm like, "I have never in my life had the same driver again. We should just start hanging out!" It's funny because he's a fan, but I feel so comfortable and safe with him in his car. Normally, I wouldn't feel as safe, but maybe hanging out with fans is the way to go. They completely gas me up and are just so nice. I need to hang out with fans more often. [Laughs]

    BuzzFeed: Wait, that's so funny. Now you know who to call if you ever need a ride.

    Whenever I'm in Jersey, I know who to reach out to.

    16. Who in your phone would answer right away if you FaceTimed them right now?

    Honestly, no one would answer me. [Laughs] My mom would be like, "I gotta go put on makeup first!" My best friend would be like, "I have work to do." Maybe my twin brother? Wait, he'd probably be asleep right now — he doesn't wake up until the afternoon so no.

    17. Who was the last Cobra Kai castmate you texted, and is there a groupchat?

    It was Jacob. And yes, we do have a group chat. But you know what? It's been a little dead lately. So, I might need to throw text in there. Everyone's doing their thing right now in between seasons. Then, when we come back we're all in.

    18. If anyone could play you on a TV show, who would it be?

    Like, should it be someone younger? Or should it be someone my age? Maybe Chloë Grace Moretz.

    19. If you could guest star on any show — currently airing or not — what would it be?

    House of the Dragon would be really cool.

    20. Have you ever caught someone on a plane watching a show or movie you’ve been in?

    I think I have seen someone watching Cobra Kai before.

    BuzzFeed: Did you say anything to them?  

    I feel like I just get awkward. Like, maybe I should go up and tap a shoulder or something? But I'm like, "Oh, I don't want to bother them."

    21. Name a celebrity on your bucket list to work with in a project.

    There are so many people. I would love to work with Margot Robbie. She's so badass. 

    22. What’s your favorite thing to do between takes on set?

    I like to stretch, especially on Cobra Kai. I think that the stunt coordinators and stunt doubles kind of instilled that in us. I definitely don't do it all the time, but it's nice. When your body just gets so stiff and you're just sitting around, you might as well do something. 

    Other than that, I'll walk to crafty with everyone, gossip. All of our cast chairs are in a circle facing each other. So, my favorite thing to do is just talk. Especially with actors — we're the most open people — it's like a therapy session. We'll suddenly just be crying or laughing as loud as we can. The best part of our job is that we can all sit there in a circle and be like, "So, Ralph, what was testing for The Outsiders like?" or, "How's your book going?" We just get to sit with Ralph and Billy [Zabka] and talk. We'll be like, "How are your kids? How's life? Give me advice!" It's just nice to be able to have that time with everyone.

    23. What’s the most used emoji on your phone?

    I think the little 🙈.

    24. Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

    I had so many. Robert Pattinson in Twilight was definitely one of them. 

    25. Describe your style in three words.

    Comfortable, easy, and black.

    26. What's your go-to karaoke song?

    "Heart of Glass" by Blondie was the one I just did a couple of days ago, and that will not be my go-to anymore. That was a hard song.

    27. And finally, describe your perfect day.

    Wake up, get a coffee, and do a little reading. I'd call my mom, listen to a podcast, and go on a long walk — wherever I am in the world —  just for miles, and sit in a pretty spot and listen to music. And then come back and eat a really, really good meal, like a big, fat meal.

    Be sure to catch Peyton in The Friendship Game, which is in select theaters and available on-demand now.