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    17 Amazing Trips For Animal Lovers

    How do you say "I want to go to there" in elephant?

    1. Work with Protected Pandas in Lougantai, Zhouzhi

    2. Go to the Golden Retriever Festival in Invernesshire, Scotland

    3. Bond With Elephants in Northern Thailand

    4. Spend a Weekend at The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

    5. Watch The Blessing of The Animals at The Vatican

    6. Meet the residents of Yellowstone National Park

    7. March Over to See the Penguins of Antarctica

    8. Go Peacock Watching at the Los Angeles Country Arboretum

    9. Get Wild in South Africa

    10. Head to a Japanese-Style Spa With Your Dog in Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Leave home without your favorite furry family member? Oh please. Try a trip to the Ten Thousand Waves resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Not only do they welcome dogs, but each of the traditional Japanese-style houses comes with a complete with a dog-proof fence and a pet bed. (For more pet-friendly places to take your pooch, check out this guide.)

    11. Go Whale Watching in Sydney, Australia

    12. Get Covered in Bunnies in Ōkunoshima, Japan

    13. Participate in the Annual Christmas Bird Count

    14. Horse Around on Chincoteague Island

    15. Go Platypus Spotting in Victoria, Australia

    16. Save the Orangutans in Sumatra

    17. Take a Staycation and Volunteer at the Humane Society