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34 Things Austinites Love

Shelter dogs, tacos, and everything that is right in the world.

1. TACOS. Especially of the breakfast variety.

Preferably hailing from one of the great breakfast taco meccas of Austin: Torchy's or Tacodeli.

2. Rescuing shelter dogs

3. Free outdoor concerts (like Blues on the Green)

4. Doing yoga at Black Swan

5. Doing yoga on stand-up paddleboards

6. Doing yoga on stand-up paddleboards with dogs

7. The flagship Whole Foods

8. Iconic graffiti

9. Food trailers. ALL OF THEM.

10. Floating on rivers

11. Proclaiming our love for Austin to anyone who will listen...

12. ...yet forbidding them from moving there and crowding our beautiful, sprawling landscape.

13. Queso

14. Kayaks

15. Barbecue, obviously.

We will literally wait in line four hours for this. Because Franklin is the holy grail of brisket.

16. Alamo Drafthouse sing-alongs, quote-alongs, and, above all, Master Pancakes.

17. Things with "local," "organic," or "vegan" in the title

18. Bats

19. Paul Qui, and all of the heavenly food he has brought to the capital of Texas

20. Rainey Street

21. Barton Springs

22. Standing up for what we believe in

23. Austin City Limits

24. Partying on the lake

25. Ryan Gosling

26. Signs. All of the signs.

27. Local musicians

28. And getting to listen to them live. All the time.

29. Tex Mex, margaritas, and Mexican martinis. Preferably all at once.

30. Every single store, eatery, and music venue on South Congress

31. (Especially Amy's Ice Cream)

32. Texas football

33. Expressing ourselves.

34. But most of all, we love that this...

and this...

and THIS

Is what we get to call home.

Austin... I love you so much.