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"The Office" Actor Kat Ahn Says Her Casting In The Benihana Episode Was "Just There To Be A Joke"

"Actors have no power until they become a star."

The Office is one of the most beloved American sitcoms of the last 20 years.

The cast of The Office standing in a meeting room

One of the show's more memorable episodes is the Season 3 Christmas installment, "A Benihana Christmas."

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In the episode, actor Kat Ahn played Amy, one of the two Asian servers at the Benihana restaurant mentioned in the ep's title.

"A Benihana Christmas" also features Michael Scott (Steve Carell) referring to the restaurant as "Asian Hooters," as well as the character using a Sharpie to mark the other Asian server so he can tell the two apart.

Steve Carell sits at a bar as Michael Scott in The Office

Now, Ahn is speaking out about her experience filming the episode, as well as how it reinforced Asian stereotypes.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Ahn said that she felt that, when she was cast on the episode, she was "just there to be the joke." She said, "You're told to shut up and be grateful. Actors have no power until they become a star."

This isn't the first time Ahn has spoken about her experience making the episode. In January, she posted a TikTok detailing the episode's "problematic" elements: “The storyline with myself and the other Asian American actress is that we were the ‘uglier’ version of the actresses at the Benihana,” she explained.

Kat Ahn's TikTok about her experience on The Office

“Also that all Asian people look alike, we’re one big monolith, and we’re just one big, walking stereotype without any personality or individuality, which is problematic."

Ahn also isn't the only The Office actor who's taken issue with "A Benihana Christmas." Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey recently addressed the episode's offensive jokes on their Office Ladies podcast, with both actors agreeing that the Sharpie moment made them "cringe."

Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer at Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

“I just don’t think this storyline would have been written today,” Kinsey said, with Fischer agreeing, “I don’t think so either.”

Fischer and Kinsey on the set of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

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