Lizzo Joked About Being Pregnant With Chris Evans' Baby In Her Hilarious "SNL" Monologue

    "I have no idea where that one started."

    Did you catch Lizzo on SNL last night?

    Lizzo stands next to Kenan Thompson

    She hosted and performed the show's latest episode — and if you haven't seen her opening monologue yet, well, what are you waiting for?

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    "My name is Lizzo — and, yes, I'm shocked I have clothes on, too," she cracked at the top of the bit.

    Lizzo poses at an event

    She also joked that her hosting turn would break a record for the number of times the word "bitch" was said during an episode of SNL.

    Lizzo laughs while sitting in a chair

    After shouting out her mom in the audience and talking a little about her "serious side," Lizzo started joking around about all the "rumors" floating around about her personal life.

    Lizzo puts her microphone out towards the audience

    “I read a lot online that I’m dating every little white boy in Hollywood," she cracked. "They think I’m collecting members of One Direction like infinity stones."

    Lizzo smiles at an event

    She even referenced her infamous back-and-forth with Chris Evans last year, which started with an alleged drunk DM and led to fan pics of what a baby between the two of them would look like.

    Lizzo sings into a microphone

    “I even heard a rumor that I’m pregnant with Chris Evans‘ baby. I have no idea where that one started.”

    Lizzo smiles while walking outside

    “It could be the TikTok where I said, ‘I am pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby.' It’s called manifesting, OK!?”

    Lizzo smiles while looking over her back

    You can watch the whole monologue here.