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Joe Jonas Has Reportedly Hired A Divorce Lawyer After 4 Years Of Marriage To Sophie Turner

The shocking news comes after more than six years together between the superstar couple.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been married for four years now — and it doesn't sound like they'll be together for that much longer.

Closeup of Joe and Sophie walking outside at night

People reports that sources have confirmed Joe has retained a divorce lawyer. Neither his nor Sophie's reps gave an official comment on the news.

Joe and Sophie on the red carpet for a Vanity Fair event

Brief recap here so you know how far this relationship goes: Sophie and Joe started dating in 2016, and they got engaged the following year.

Sophie and Joe on the street

In 2019, they got married in Las Vegas — then, later that year, they had a second wedding in France.

Joe and Sophie walking down the street

In 2020, they welcomed their first child together.

Closeup of Joe and Sophie

Last year, they welcomed their second child after Sophie revealed she was pregnant at the Met Gala.

Closeup of Sophie and Joe sitting at an event

And now? I guess we'll see what unfolds next.