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    Hilary Duff Got Real About Staying Friends With Her Ex-Boyfriend Joel Madden

    "I was just in Nicole's driveway honking for her to come drink wine with us the other day.”

    You know that Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma have been married for a minute now — since 2019, specifically. They share two children together, too.

    hilary and matthew sitting at an event

    You might also remember that Hilary dated Good Charlotte's Joel Madden back in 2004 when she was 16 and he was 25. They broke up in 2006.

    joel and hilary at an event

    Last year, Hilary and Joel were both snapped together — specifically, in a pic of them and their respective spouses having a date night with a few other folks.

    the group photo

    During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Hilary talked about all the commotion the photo caused, as well as her surprisingly close proximity to Joel.


    Hilary Duff opens about her friendship with the Madden brothers & Nicole Richie and shares that her husband Matthew Koma is a major troll. #WWHL

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    Hilary said the “whole world’s mind was blown for a hot second" by the photo before revealing, “By the way, I have a good relationship with their whole family."

    closeup of hilary

    "We’re neighbors and we actually hang out all the time. I was just in [Nicole's] driveway honking for her to come drink wine with us the other day.”

    hilary and joel

    Hilary also said that she and Matthew go on hikes with Nicole and Joel all the time. "And you know what, it's lovely!" she exclaimed.

    hilary leaving a place smiling at paparazzi

    There you have it! You can watch more of the interview here.