Demi Lovato Is Reportedly In A "Healthy" Relationship With A Mystery Musician Two Years After Breaking Off Her Engagement To Max Ehrich

    How nice.

    Demi Lovato is in a new relationship!

    E! News has the scoop, reporting that Demi is currently in "a healthy relationship with a musician boyfriend."

    The publication's source also says that Demi is currently "very happy and in a great place," which is good to hear.

    As of now, there's not much more news to be shared about Demi's new beau — but the news itself is significant, since it's the first time the singer has been in a relationship in a minute.

    In July of 2020, Demi announced her engagement to actor Max Ehrich — only to call the whole thing off two months later.

    Last August, Demi said that the breakup was "the best thing that's happened" to her and that being without a partner allowed her to dig deeper within.

    "I was able to stand on my own two feet without needing someone else to validate me or to make me feel accepted," she said at the time.

    "When I said goodbye to that relationship, I also said goodbye to everything that was holding me back from being my most authentic self."

    Here's to Demi's new relationship, and best wishes that she can continue remaining true to herself during this new period of her life!