Alexander Skarsgård Wore A Freakin' Leash Around His Neck To The "Infinity Pool" Premiere

    The actor's latest red carpet fashion statement is truly for the dogs. Sorry.

    You know Alexander Skarsgård from plenty of things at this point. Maybe you even saw him in The Northman last year.

    A closeup of Alexander in a long-sleeved shirt

    You might also know that he's got a wild new movie out this weekend, Infinity Pool, that also stars Mia Goth. I hear it's gross — like, really gross. Sounds fun!

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    So, Alexander attended the premiere of Infinity Pool earlier this week, and you'd assume that he'd choose something normal and straightforward for his red carpet outfit — especially since, let's be real, men's red carpet fashion can be dreadfully boring most of the time.

    A closeup of Alexander wearing a long-sleeved shirt and smiling

    Wrong. He wore a freakin' leash around his neck, like a damn dog. That's right.

    Alexander smiles as he rocks his leash

    Apparently, there's a scene in Infinity Pool (no spoilers) that involves Alexander wearing a leash of some sort, so fear not — this sartorial choice isn't totally random.

    Alexander looking very happy with his leash

    And hey, look, it even seems like he's having fun with it!

    Kind of.

    This isn't the only time that Alexander's gotten freaky on the red carpet. He went pantsless at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards.

    Alexander is wearing the top half of a well-tailored suit, along with socks, shoes, and garters

    He also dressed in full drag for the premiere of The Diary of a Teenage Girl back in 2015.

    Who knows what he'll do next?