Alexander Skarsgård Revealed Why He's Not Wearing Pants In His IMDb Photo, And The Reason Involves Zac Efron

    "I decided to also show a little bit of skin."

    You might've seen Alexander Skarsgård this weekend in The Northman — a film in which he is frequently not wearing many clothes.

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    If you've been to his official IMDb page, you'll notice that the actor's main picture also features him in a state of undress — specifically, he's not wearing any pants.

    In his IMDb photo, Alexander wears a tuxedo jacket, dress shoes and socks, but no pants

    So, uh, what's up with that? Alexander revealed all in a recent interview with IMDb.

    Alexander smiles while wearing a lanyard at an event

    According to the actor, the photo was taken at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards — and he was inspired to drop trou by, of all people, Zac Efron.

    "The year before, Zac Efron had taken his shirt off on stage, and he is so sexy," Alexander said.

    Alexander stands in front of a poster

    So when it came time to present an award with Samuel L. Jackson — his costar in that year's The Legend of Tarzan — Alexander decided to one-up Zac and get down to his skivvies.

    Alexander, in his no-pants look, presents an award next to Samuel L. Jackson

    "I decided to also show a little bit of skin," he explained. "I couldn't take my shirt off because Zac had already done that, so I thought, 'Well, then I'll take my pants off, because it's equally sexy.'"

    Alexander walks on stage with no pants on

    Just for reference, here's Zac taking his shirt off at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

    Zac walks on stage with his shirt off

    The question remains: Was Alexander's moment equally sexy? Well, you can be the judge of that.

    Alexander stands onstage next to Samuel

    Watch the entire interview here.