Mia Goth And Alexander Skarsgård Talked About Preparing For The Orgy Scenes In "Infinity Pool" And It Sounds Like A Lot

    "It's so refreshing to read something that is as bold and crazy as Infinity Pool. I was thrilled from the very first page of it."

    What was your first impression of each other when you met?

    Two characters having drinks in the dark

    Was there anything surprising or interesting that you two did to prepare for playing such unnerving characters?

    Mia Goth as Gabi, sitting in an outdoor chair

    Is there a line or moment in the film that was completely improvised?

    MG: Not for this film. The script was so well written, it didn't really call for it. The themes were so rich and the script had such great dialogue. There was so much there to work with, and it all felt right for the character. It all made sense when you put your mouth around those words and sentences. That was actually quite nice and a gift as an actor, when all of that work is already there and you don't feel like you have to doctor it up in any way.

    AS: I think that in terms of changes, not really changing but more exploration was the physical aspect. I agree with Mia; the scripted dialogue was so tight and so good that there was really no need to riff or change it or improvise. It was very concise. But then when we got into the more the physical aspect, obviously, of the cloning process and the big fight scenes, that's where we used the script more as a blueprint on the day of filming and just discovered how far we could push it; how far we could take it, and try those scenes in different directions to kind of surprise ourselves, and see what would happen.

    Alex, what was your favorite scene to film with Mia?

    A close-up of Mia in the movie

    Mia, what was your favorite scene to film with Alex?

    A close-up of Alex

    The handjob scene — outside of being provocative – seems to have a deeper meaning. Mia, what was your reaction to reading that in the script, and what's your interpretation of Gabi taking matters in her own hands in that moment, so to speak?

    MG: For me, I read it as a way for Gabi to assert her dominance over James. I was thinking it was similar to how when guys are in prison, and then they make a fellow inmate hold their pocket. It was kind of like Gabi's way of doing that. It was a way to subtly inform James as to where we were headed. It was just a power trip more than anything. It was about Gabi exerting her confidence over him.

    Did you all have an intimacy coordinator on set? If so, what was that like? Have you two ever worked with one before?

    Mia and Alex in a scene together

    I read that initially this film was rated NC-17, but after re-edits it achieved an R-rating. How much of an impact did the edits have on the final result of film?

    Alex, with a leather belt on his neck, on the ground

    Mia, your character Gabi has a big moment in the third act of this movie that reminded me of your work in Pearl. Would you say there are any similarities between the two characters?

    Mia holding a gun and smiling in a scene

    Alex, you've previously admitted that you have no problem appearing nude onscreen. In 2019, you told People, "the crazier [the sex scenes], the better." Is it safe to say that this movie features the craziest sex scenes you've ever filmed?

    Alex wears a mouth gag in a scene

    Infinity Pool is definitely a movie viewers will have to watch more than once, and they're likely going to pick out different meanings each time. What was the initial reaction you two had after reading the script?

    Alex's face in what looks like a pool of blood

    Lastly, did either of you take anything from the set? Any props or costumes you got to keep as memorabilia — perhaps the creepy masks?

    The pair wearing those creepy masks

    Thanks for chatting with us, Mia and Alex! Infinity Pool is now playing in theaters.

    Editor's note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.