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    All The "X" And "Pearl" Movie Details And Similarities You Never Noticed

    That alligator has been swimming around for 60 years.

    In 2022, A24 released two companion horror films by writer/director Ti West: X and the prequel, Pearl.

    Both films star Mia Goth in various roles. In some cases, playing multiple characters at the same time while wearing prosthetic makeup.

    Three images of Mia Goth; one as young Maxine, one as old Pearl, one as young Pearl.

    The films are very different from each other in look and tone, but there are many links between the two films, though they take place 60 years apart.

    One 4:3 image of Maxine in the barn, the other of Pearl in the barn.

    Let's take a look at X and Pearl to see all the callbacks, similarities, and Easter eggs.

    Wayne looks through holes in the barn wall.  Pearl looks through the movie projector hole in the wall.

    Obviously, spoilers ahead.

    Maxine holds her finger to her mouth motioning a "Shhh."  Young Pearl does the same in another image.

    1. Both films start off with the same shot.

    One Image of the barn through semi closed doors.  The other is the barn in a wide brightly lit image.

    2. Both lead characters — Pearl and Maxine — dream of being famous.

    Maxine looks longingly.  Pearl looks longingly.

    3. Each film features visual motifs from their respective time period.

    A blond holds a clapboard in a grainy 16mm film image.  Pearl in a red dress dances with military men in a wide Technicolor image.

    4. People are always looking for "The X Factor."

    Wayne and Bobby-Lynne watch the shot.  A table of stern people look on.

    5. Pearl literally stands on an "X."

    Pearl in a red dress stands on a white "X".

    6. The male costars introduce our heroines to the world of pornography.

    Close up shot of Wayne looks through holes in the barn wall. Close up shot as Pearl looks through the movie projector hole in the wall.

    7. There are some strange sex scenes.

    Old Pearl lays down in bed with a sleeping Maxine.  Young Pearl looks up at a scarecrow in a field.

    8. The alligator lives a long time.

    A high shot of someone swimming in a lake, an alligator close behind.  Another shot of an alligator approaching a man in a wheelchair.

    9. The pitchfork is Pearl's weapon of choice.

    A silhouette holding a pitchfork.  A wide shot of pearl stabbing someone on the ground in the face with a pitchfork.

    10. Howard has been around since the beginning.

    An old and angry Howard. A young Howard returns home in his WWI uniform.

    11. Hiding cars in the swamp is commonplace for Pearl and Howard.

    Jackson finds a VW Beetle in the swamp. An old car enters the swamp, a dead body inside and blood on the windshield.

    12. Both lead characters have domineering parents.

    A black and white TV image of an old man talking into a microphone.  An image of an angry middle aged lady.

    13. The Farmer's Daughters

    Maxine looks at a script.  Young Pearl is in the bathtub with her father nearby in a wheelchair.

    14. Dancing is a key component to understanding Pearl.

    A black and white photo of young Pearl dancing.  A black and white film image of Pearl dancing.

    15. Pearl's hair brush lasts for decades.

    Close up of an ornate silver hairbrush.  The same hairbrush being used on the hair of a burn victim.

    16. "I will not accept a life I do not deserve."

    Maxine holds out a gun, nearby a black and white TV shows an old man with a microphone.  An image of a pristine movie theater and marquee from 1918.

    And finally, the biggest thing that both films have in common...

    Maxine's head as she floats in the water.

    17. ...Mia Goth is incredible in both films!

    I'm sure there are some details I've missed. All you eagle-eyed viewers out there, let me know in the comments below.

    Pearl smiles largely at the camera.

    Pearl is out now in theaters. Buy tickets at Cinemark or Fandango.

    Pearl crying

    And X is available with video on demand.

    The cast of X walks through a field

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