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    7 Reasons You Need To Watch "The Flight Attendant" Immediately

    Trust us on this one.

    HBO Max is gonna be on Roku really soon β€” like, if you're reading this, it's probably on there right now. (There's a Playstation 5 app now too, for all you gamers out there.)

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    So if you're accessing the service for the first time, there's a lot for you to catch up on. But just hear me out for a second: You should start with The Flight Attendant, the Kaley Cuoco comedic thriller about a flight attendant who gets in way over her head. (The finale hits HBO Max on Dec. 17.) Here are a few reasons why.

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    1. It's a breeze to watch

    Haley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant
    Phil Caruso / WarnerMedia

    The Flight Attendant is one of the more briskly paced TV shows to come out this year, launching viewers right into the action and never letting up. Trust me, you'll get sucked into this one immediately.

    2. Kaley Cuoco

    Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant

    That's it. That's the tweet. Seriously, though: Kaley turns in an incredible performance as The Flight Attendant's titular protagonist Cassie Bowden β€” witty, charming, and above all else, totally real. She's impossible not to root for.

    3. And Rosie Perez!!!

    Rosie Perez in The Flight Attendant
    Phil Caruso / WarnerMedia

    Rosie Perez, what a legend. Admit it β€” every time you see her in something, you're happy to see her doing her thing. Great actor, and without giving too much away, her character adds an interesting wrinkle to The Flight Attendant's twisty thriller framework.

    4. It's funny

    Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant
    Colin Hutton / WarnerMedia

    The Flight Attendant traffics in some grim stuff as far as its central whodunit plotline β€” murder, intrigue, the whole deal β€” but Kaley's impeccable comic timing as well as crackling teleplays keep the laughs coming.

    5. But it deals with heavy stuff really well, too

    Kaley Cuoco talks to the bartender in Flight Attendant
    Colin Hutton / WarnerMedia

    Don't let the claims that The Flight Attendant is campy fool you. This show deals with some serious stuff β€” trauma, familial abuse, and alcoholism. And it does so magnificently, aided no doubt by Kaley's performance.

    6. Also, just a really great performance from T.R. Knight

    T.R. Knight in The Flight Attendant
    Phil Caruso / WarnerMedia

    Yup, 007 is back β€” but T.R.'s turn as Cassie's brother Davey is very devastating, especially as the siblings' harrowing past is unearthed throughout the show.

    7. So many twists your head will friggin' spin

    Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant
    Phil Caruso / WarnerMedia

    Seriously. If you're looking to be surprised at nearly every turn, tune in to this one. The Flight Attendant is actually perfect for this time of year: It's holiday-neutral, soapy, affecting, funny, and you will be left gasping as to what comes next. Queue it up now, or regret it forever.

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