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19 Of The Worst Things You Could Say To Someone Who Lives In L.A.

Let's go to Santa Monica on a Saturday!

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1. "Let's go to Grauman's Chinese Theatre and put our hands in the handprints."

Sure, I love touching the ground where 100,304 other people just left their germs.

2. "Do you wanna go to the In-N-Out on Sunset?"

Do you want to wait in line for 50 minutes???

3. "Let's take a picture with this guy dressed like Jack Sparrow on Hollywood and Highland."

That's literally not Jack Sparrow though.

4. "Can you drop me off at LAX at 5 p.m.?"

I can't take a half-day today.

5. "We should totally try to be contestants on The Price Is Right."

We should totally not spend 10 hours standing in this sweltering heat for a chance to see not–Bob Barker.

6. "Let's hike to the Hollywood Sign."

If you don't mind hiking six miles and then climbing a fence, sure.

7. "Let's go to Santa Monica on a Saturday."

Let's not spend all our money on parking and then find no place to sit on the beach.

8. "I want my picture in front of the LACMA lights."

You and 3 million other people.

9. "Should we go to Disneyland later today?"

Yeah, no worries, it's not hours away or anything.

10. "We should go shopping on Rodeo Drive."

We don't have Richard Gere here to pay our bills.

11. "Let's go to Dash, the Kardashians' store!"

Let's stay in the apartment and watch Dash Dolls instead.

12. "We HAVE to go see the tree lighting at The Grove."

I'll wait in the car.

13. "Let's get hot dogs at that Pink place."

I will literally go to Ralphs and buy you a pack of hot dogs instead.

14. "Can we get a cupcake at the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM?!"

Sure, can we go to your ATM first??

15. "Let's drive the PCH!"

Sure, I don't spend enough time in my car!

16. "Is that a celebrity????"

No, it's just a person wearing a hat.

17. "Can we go to Griffith Observatory for the sunset on Saturday?"

If you're planning on walking up that hill!

18. "Let's get drinks at Pump and see the reality TV stars!"

No, because drinks are approximately $75 there.

19. "This tour bus says it will take us past George Clooney's house."

No it won't.

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