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38 Questions From "Friday Night Lights" We Still Need An Answer To

Did Smash ever make it to the NFL?

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1. Why did Julie's mom think it would only take one tattoo removal session to get rid of her daughter's tattoo?

2. Are Buddy Garrity's teeth even real?

3. How much was the taxi Jason and Tim took from NYC to NJ?

4. Why didn't they just take a flat-rate SuperShuttle?

5. What does J.D. McCoy's dad even DO for a living??? Huge-ass house.

6. Why doesn't Lyla see student loans as an option when Buddy loses her college money?

7. Why is Coach Taylor always mysteriously around to save the day when fights break out?

8. Why did Matt Saracen deliver pizza first thing in the morning?

9. Why the fuck is Coach Taylor burning Lions jerseys when they don't have any money?

10. Why are the Lions pushing a car for a fundraiser when they'd make more money if they washed cars without shirts on?

11. What is Tyra studying at UT?


12. Where did Matt Saracen's mom go???

13. Wasn't she supposed to take care of grandma??

14. Why did Tim think it was necessary to tell Becky's father he slept with his ex??

15. Why is Becky attracted to Tim... HE LITERALLY SLEPT WITH YOUR MOM?? I mean, besides the fact that he's hot AF.

16. What happened to that crotchety artist whom Matt was interning for?

17. WTF happened to the longhorn Billy and Tim bought at auction?

18. What did Matt and Landry do in Chicago?

19. What happened to Waverly and Smash?? Where did she go?

20. Did Smash ever make it to the NFL?



22. WHY did she stop calling Landry cold turkey after all he did for her and after she told him she loved him??? He literally killed someone for her.

23. Speaking of which, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT STORYLINE???

24. What happened to Voodoo? Did he play college ball?

25. Did everyone stop hanging at Alamo Freeze?


27. Why doesn't Mindy ever talk about Tyra?


29. And what happened to Ray's BBQ franchise?? Like, is it a thing...or, no?


30. Did Tyra and Tim actually end up together?

31. What happened to Lyla?

32. Did Julie ever go back to college?

33. Did Matt ever hear from Carlotta again?

34. What happened to Vince????????

35. Why didn't Julie ever grow her bangs out?

36. Why did they cast an alien for the part of baby Gracie?

37. Why isn't Tim Riggins real?

38. And why can't we have new seasons?????????


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