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Updated on Mar 27, 2019. Posted on Mar 25, 2017

18 Things You'll Understand If You've Ever Shopped At Forever 21

Come get your beast-loving hats!

by ,

1. When you're punk'd by a damn jacket:

@luciextoo / Via Twitter: @luciextoo

2. Or when you just can't relate to the Belles of the world:

@LexieLoks / Via Twitter: @LexieLoks

3. When they become needier than your ex:

@heartcathedrals / Via Twitter: @heartcathedrals

4. When it seems like every store just rotates the same four people:

@livipants_ / Via Twitter: @livipants_

5. When anything beyond a large seems to be taboo:

*shopping in forever 21* me: do u have this in an XL store employee:

6. And when an actual "large" translates to "small":

@VioletRain182 / Via Twitter: @VioletRain182

7. When they go a little too patch-crazy:

@lindsay_white18 / Via Twitter: @lindsay_white18

8. When your life is overrun with tags:

@DaniMartorella / Via Twitter: @DaniMartorella

9. When they're qwhite problematic:

@triannadowning / Via Twitter: @triannadowning

10. And like to pretend they're not:

@peachfloss / Via Twitter: @peachfloss

11. When they get inspired by an iconic TV moment:

@_madelynn101 / Via Twitter: @_madelynn101

12. When "basics" are literally nonexistent:

@kayleesellari / Via Twitter: @kayleesellari

13. And when you just want the shirts to stop 👏 talking 👏:

@rileyisahohohoe / Via Twitter: @rileyisahohohoe

14. When customers try to pretend it's Black Friday EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR:

@lsuthyy / Via Twitter: @lsuthyy

15. When trying on clothes is an adventure all its own:

@spiritbor3d / Via Twitter: @spiritbor3d

16. When you enter a new era:

@_KeevinS / Via Twitter: @_KeevinS

17. When Forever 21's shit return policy gets you again:

@sorryish / Via Twitter: @sorryish

18. And finally, when you can't help but just say "um...what?":

@Caitlinfab / Via Twitter: @Caitlinfab

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