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    19 Totally Abnormal Things Made Normal By College

    Normal is boring.

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    1. Pulling all nighters because.

    2. Drinking dirty beer after a dirty ass ball swirls around in it.

    3. Going on an all pizza diet.

    4. Drinking dangerous amounts of caffeine just to get you through the day.

    5. Rocking the sweats all day er'y day.

    6. Dropping thousands on books you'll never actually use.

    7. Slapping bags of wine before you chug it.

    8. Spending days inside the library until you start to ferment.

    9. Getting kicked out of your own room so someone can have sex.

    10. Taking thousands of dollars out in loans when you're just 18.

    11. And making decisions that'll impact the rest of your life just at 18.

    12. Spending THOUSANDS of dollars on a 50 minute class.

    13. Living every day with nap breaks.

    14. Drinking beer in a parking lot out of the back of a car as a way to pregame.

    15. Having a person your own age hand out what are essentially demerits if you're too loud in your room.

    16. Paying ACTUAL MONEY to share a tiny ass room with a person you've never met before.

    17. Showing up at random people's houses for a party.

    18. Calling near-strangers your brother or sister.

    19. And living within 300 feet of ALL of your friends.

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