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    19 Times Hillary Clinton Perfectly Described Your Night Out


    1. When you take two hours to get ready and debut your fierce new look.

    2. And then someone compliments your outfit and you're like, "Thanks! I paid $15 for it."

    3. When you're two drinks in and suddenly notice how beautiful the ceiling is.

    4. When you're getting YOUR LIFE on the dance floor.

    5. But then accidentally get split up from your squad.

    6. When you finally reunite minutes later and act like you haven't seen each other in 10 years.

    7. When the bartender gives you a shot for free and you just have to say thank you.

    8. When you have one too many and think you can grind.

    9. When you run into that one person you hate and have to put on the nicest front.

    10. When you think it's a good idea to get on stage with the DJ no matter what your friends say.

    11. When you see your friend talking to a hunk from across the room.

    12. When you suddenly remember the funniest joke about trees and can't stop laughing.

    13. When Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" comes on.

    14. When you begin to compliment people you've never even met.

    15. When you're chilling with the squad and a sexy person struts on by.

    16. When a creep tries to hit on you and you've gotta tell 'em to fuck off.

    17. When you find a friend in the bathroom and bond instantly over shoes.

    18. And then look in the bathroom mirror and realize just how drunk you truly are.

    19. And finally, when you look at your snap story the next day.