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    25 Times Disney Princesses Perfectly Summed Up Being 25

    Once upon a time we became adults.

    1. When an 18-year-old complains about growing up too fast:

    2. When you find out that Ariana Grande is 21 years old:

    3. When you daydream about no longer having student loans and buying whatever you want:

    4. When someone tells you that you look more grown-up:

    5. When your mom tells you that she was married and had you at your age:

    6. When you daydream about quitting your job and going on an adventure:

    7. When your grandma asks you when she can expect more grandchildren:

    8. When your parents take you out to dinner and offer to pay:

    9. When you meet someone from Tinder and they look the same as their pictures:

    10. When you realize you only have a year left on your parent's insurance:

    11. When you go out for the first time in months and can't hang:

    12. When you vow to stop buying all your bedding and furniture from Ikea:

    13. When you seek guidance after receiving another wedding invite:

    14. When someone asks you if you wanna do shots:

    15. When you look in the mirror and notice your first wrinkle:

    16. When you get a makeover in an effort to feel alive again:

    17. When a new app comes out and you can't figure out how to use it:

    18. When you and your friend are perpetually single and you make a pact to get married at 30:

    19. When your alma mater calls and asks for a donation:

    20. When you realize you don't know what acronyms stand for anymore:

    21. When you hear a teen use a slang term and you pretend to know what it means:

    22. When you wanna leave your friend's party but it's only 9 p.m. on a Friday:

    23. When you realize that your metabolism isn't what it used to be:

    24. When you finally stop hanging out with people who aren't good for you:

    25. And when you think you finally figured it out and life was like NOPE: