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    49 Thoughts Everyone Has During Graduation

    Who designed this burlap sack and called it a graduation gown?

    1. I can't believe the day is finally here.

    2. How does this graduation cap EVEN WORK?

    3. Who designed this burlap sack and called it a graduation gown?

    4. I can't believe I had to pay to wear this.

    5. I have to perfect the tossing of my cap for pictures later.

    6. Ugh, how is it possible that some of these people actually look GOOD in this cap?

    7. Alright, let's do this.

    8. Oh my god, why does this program have so many pages?

    9. Have these people heard of air conditioning?

    10. I've never seen any of these people before in my life, do they even go here?

    11. I need to start paying attention.

    12. Ohh, I can see my family from here. Hi!!!

    13. Ugh, I was just in that person's selfie.

    14. Should I take a selfie?

    15. Yes.

    16. Adding THAT to my story.

    17. We're finally getting close to the names.

    18. Wait which side is my tassel supposed to be on again???

    19. Why are my professors all wearing weird hats?

    20. Oh shit, people are starting to line up.

    21. THIS IS MY TIME.

    22. Where am I supposed to put my cell phone?

    23. Oh my god I cannot trip.

    24. I wonder if everyone can tell I'm sweating.

    25. That person got A LOT of applause, shit.

    26. WHY IS MY MOM ON HER PHONE? I'm about to go across!

    27. Why are there stairs here? For the love of everything.


    29. OK, I did it. I shook their hand. Could they tell my hands were clammy?

    30. Oh, great, that photographer took a picture of me at the worst time.

    31. Ugh, now I have to sit through everyone else's names.

    32. Wait, holy shit, I HAVE MY DIPLOMA!

    33. Um, why is this empty?

    34. I hope my family got good pictures.

    35. I cannot wait to eat after this.

    36. It's ending! It's ending! Let's move this tassel baby.

    37. Oh shit, hats everywhere, one almost took my eye out.

    38. Wait, what if I wanted to keep that?

    39. Oh fuck it, I'M AN ADULT!!!!

    40. Let's get the hell away from this place.

    41. PICTURE TIME! I should've kept my cap...

    42. I'll just use this one I found for the Instagram.

    43. Wow, I can't believe I just graduated.

    44. Time to eat some damn cake, AM I RIGHT?

    45. Wait, holy shit, I just graduated. I actually graduated.

    46. I am no longer a college student.

    47. I am officially in the REAL WORLD.

    48. Oh my god.

    49. Now what?