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    Posted on Oct 14, 2015

    19 Things That Are Too Real When Your Mom Is A Teacher

    *Wants to complain about homework, can't.*

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    1. When all your friends were talking mad shit about teachers and you would have to keep quiet because you know them all personally.

    2. When people would try to get you to help them cheat.

    3. When you wanted to complain about homework but you couldn't.


    4. Or when you really needed help with your homework but your mom was all like, "I know you can do this."

    5. When your mom did something embarrassing and literally everyone in the school knew about it.

    6. When you wished you could pretend your report cards hadn't come out yet but your mom definitely knew that they had.

    7. When you couldn't skip classes because every one of your mom's friends aka other teachers would rat you out.

    8. When you were trying to be romantic and dance with your crush at the dance but your mom was the chaperone.

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    9. When you wanted to date someone but they had a bad reputation at school and there was no way of hiding that from your mom.


    10. Or when your mom wouldn't let you hang out with someone because she had heard horror stories about them from other teachers.

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    11. When you couldn't even go to Walmart without someone stopping your mom to talk because she has approximately 10,949,230 former students.

    12. When a teacher was making your life a living hell, but when you would complain, your mom would take the teacher's side because they're friends.

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    13. When you just wanted to go home and watch Power Rangers, but your mom had to stay after school, so you did too.

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    14. When you literally couldn't do ANYTHING at school without your mom somehow finding out.

    15. When you were forced to go to the school ON THE WEEKEND because your mom needed to work for a few hours.

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    16. And when you had an archenemy but your mom thought they were "really sweet."

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    17. When you couldn't lie about not having any homework because your mom knew exactly what homework you had to do.

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    18. When you were in an argument with your mom and she corrected your grammar halfway through.

    19. And, the best moment of all, when your mom let it slip what kids she really disliked and you felt like you had just found a pot of gold.

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