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28 Things Women With Small Boobs Simply Don't Have To Deal With

I didn't choose the boob life, it chose me.

1. Trying to take a nice selfie and having to compete with your boobs to be the focus point.

2. Or trying to exercise and having to contain your ladies for fear of knocking yourself out.

3. Having to grab yourself every time you walk up or down stairs.

4. Having no choice but to wear a bra, because without one it would be disastrous.

5. Feeling terrified of wearing a shirt with buttons because of what could so easily happen.

6. Actually, being scared of wearing pretty much any kind of top except a T-shirt.

7. Having to navigate the river on your chest when you spill anything.

8. And having to actually purchase deodorant for your boobs.

9. Seeing a cute swimsuit online and knowing that it would literally never contain your boobs.

10. And then after finding a swimsuit that actually does fit, having to navigate a comfortable position to sunbathe.

11. Dealing with painful bra strap marks after a day of holding up your girls.

12. And sometimes having to wear SEVERAL bras to make sure your boobs stay in their assigned seat.

13. Having to deal with your boobs getting in the way of everything.

14. Losing your necklace forever in a sea of cleavage.

15. Trying to wrestle your boobs into a sports bra.

16. Feeling itchy and realizing it's because there's leftover crumbs in your bra.

17. Trying to wear a print T-shirt and no one being able to read the print because it's so stretched out.

18. Realizing that your bras are literally holding on for dear life.

19. Lying down and being bombarded and suffocated by your own boobs.

20. Attempting to look professional and failing simply because your cleavage cannot be tamed.

21. Trying to figure out the proper placement of a seatbelt and never quite getting it right.

22. Dealing with back pain after carrying around your girls all damn day.

23. Brushing into everything with your boobs, even when you're trying to be extra careful.

24. Realizing that the straps on your bras and shirts are fraying away more and more every day which means you have to buy new ones... AGAIN.

25. Feeling betrayed when your bra tries to kill you by stabbing you with underwire.

26. Knowing that if a zombie was chasing you, you would probably be eaten.

27. Trying to find cute bras in your size.

28. And basically feeling like this at all times...