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26 Things Only People Who Studied Abroad In Australia Will Understand

It's more funder down under.

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1. It was pretty hard to concentrate on actual class because this was basically your backyard.

2. These freakin' birds are your enemy. They woke you up, begged for food, and stared at you on the reg.

3. You absolutely, 100%, took a picture like this:

11. You tried to play a didgeridoo, and definitely failed.

Sorry for all the spit.

13. And when you went to your first barbecue, you learned that sandwich bread instead of buns is the only way to do it.

16. You tried to understand rugby, and didn't at all.

It looks like they're building human pyramids?

17. But as much as you didn't understand rugby, cricket was your literal nightmare.

You mean to tell me that this match lasts THREE WHOLE DAYS?!?

18. You didn't ever eat Ben & Jerry's because it cost approximately an arm AND a leg.

19. So you mostly stuck to the heaven that is Tim Tams.

And even perfected the Tim Tam Slam.

20. Or allowed yourself to enter the paradise that is Max Brenner's.


21. You posed in front of the Opera House and thought about Finding Nemo.

PSA: 42 Wallaby Way Sydney doesn't exist. :(

22. You made the mistake of referring to this as "shrimp on the barbie" before you learned they're actually called "prawns."

And now you will never make that mistake again.

23. You developed a certain affinity for boxed wine because it was basically all you could afford.

Want some rum? HOPE YOU HAVE $100!!

24. And you even tried to develop an affinity for Vegemite...and failed.

Sorry, I don't like things that don't taste like Nutella.

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