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    22 Things Only People Who Have No Sense Of Direction Will Understand

    Where am I?

    1. You can't imagine life without your phone maps.

    2. Because basically, you rely on them to get everywhere.

    3. You are constantly terrified to go anywhere on your own, because you know something bad will happen.

    4. When people try to tell you directions you're pretty much always like, "OK, so I go straight forever?"

    5. You call people when you're lost and they're all like, "Where are you?" And you're like, "I LITERALLY DO NOT KNOW. I'M LOST. THAT'S WHAT BEING LOST MEANS."

    6. You've gotten lost inside your own apartment before.

    7. And you've had trouble finding your way to the house that you grew up in.

    8. When you try to look at a map, you don't understand ANYTHING.

    9. You get confused when people go through mazes for fun because you're like... this isn't fun, this is my life.

    10. Sometimes you try to pretend you know where you're going, and it usually ends up disastrous.

    11. Your friends know that if you are late somewhere, you're definitely lost.

    12. And any shopping trip takes extra long because you end up getting lost in the aisles.

    13. Road signs are basically a foreign language to you.

    14. You have 100%, most definitely driven the wrong way down a one-way street.

    15. You are constantly in awe of people who know their way around, because it feels like a superpower to you.

    16. You get extreme anxiety if someone suggests just following you.

    17. The first thing you do when you realize you're lost is turn down the radio because you CAN'T EVEN DEAL.

    18. You + alcohol + trying to get home = disaster.

    19. Even when you aren't currently lost, you just assume you will be in the very near future.

    20. Crying on shoulders takes on a whole new meaning for you when you drive.

    21. And you've learned to leave hours before you actually have to be somewhere because you know you'll get lost along the way.

    22. So you may not always make it someplace on time, but you'll always make it...eventually.