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    21 Photos That Are Too Damn Real For Anyone Who Has Tried To Re-Create A Pinterest Recipe

    Can I live?!

    by ,

    1. Listen, some of us just weren't born crafty, OK?!

    BlushingSiren / Via

    2. We can't all make masterpieces.

    @matty_bowbow / Via

    3. We're just trying our best out here.

    @vvlovely / Via

    4. So cut us some slack!

    5. Sure these doughnuts look...concerned.

    @slovesdisney / Via

    6. As do these ~pumpkins.~

    @samruiz1205 / Via

    7. But someone somewhere will find this appetizing.

    @mimymo20 / Via

    8. Who are you to judge this work of art?

    @ichompyu / Via

    9. This is what respectable artists call "abstract," look it up.

    @melliemel531 / Via

    10. Put this in the Louvre ASAP!

    @nolarunrgrl / Via

    11. Bakeries everywhere are shook by these fingers.

    Anonymous / Via

    12. OK, so maybe this one is a little, how do I say this nicely...fucked up.

    13. But at least this person had the decency to give this poor skeleton some skin and muscles.

    tnee16 / Via

    14. This is just reality folks, nothing's perfect.

    tnee16 / Via

    15. Like, see this Barbie to the right? That's me after a long night of drinking. Iconic!

    @NanaHoodRocks / Via Twitter: @NanaHoodRocks

    16. And these ghouls are me after seeing some drama go down.

    @cardioforcake_ / Via

    17. I would probably (IDK, maybe, we'll see) eat the hell outta these cookies.

    18. And I would happily feed these mashed potatoes to my enemies.

    @totesferosh / Via

    19. All I'm sayin' is that making a perfect Pinterest is really damn hard.

    @emgoode1215 / Via

    20. And anyone who even attempts it should feel good about themselves.

    @katherine_decock / Via

    21. That even applies to whoever made these lovely strawberries. Good...effort.

    @lauramacagram / Via

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