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19 Reasons Midwest Girls Are The Best Girls On Earth

If she's the best, she's from the Midwest.

1. Midwest girls take time to recognize and enjoy the finer things in life.

2. They work hard.

3. So that they can play harder.

4. They aren't afraid of a little bad weather.

5. Midwest girls have the most adorable accents.

6. They know how to have fun no matter how boring a town may seem.

7. Midwest girls are powerful.

8. They're super talented.

9. And they age beautifully.

10. Midwest ladies are ridiculously hospitable.

11. They have wild personalities.

12. They are comfortable in pretty much any situation.

13. And they know that food is the way to the heart.

14. They know that lake days are the best days.

15. And they have a major soft spot for animals.

16. They aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

17. Midwest ladies know the meaning of loyalty.

18. And they are passionate in every way.

19. And no matter how far they roam, they know there's no place like home.