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24 Questions Straight Women Have For Men About Sex

"Who's your daddy?" LITERALLY NOT YOU.

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1. Why do you sometimes finish in three minutes and sometimes it takes 20 minutes?


OK, let's wrap this up, I need to do my laundry.

2. Why do you ALWAYS have a boner in the morning?

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What the hell are you dreaming about?

3. Do you really always have a condom in your wallet?


I guess you're just an optimist.

4. Is there a position you generally prefer?


Besides "all."

5. How often do you *actually* think about sex?


Like are you thinking about it right now?

6. Do you like hand jobs or do you just think about how much better you are at them the entire time?


Because that's what we think about when you're fingering us, tbh.

7. When you lose an erection β€” is it because of something we did?

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Or does it really happen to all guys?

8. Have you ever masturbated into a sock?

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Or tried to fuck a pie?

9. Why do you want to do butt stuff to us but don't want it done back to you?

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We get it β€” you're not comfortable with your sexuality!

10. Do you think it's *actually* acceptable to not warn someone when you're about to ejaculate?

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11. What is the fascination of ejaculating on someone?


We are not fire hydrants. You can not mark your territory on us.

12. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

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Because we definitely have for you.

13. Why don't some of you spend more time on foreplay?

The CW

It's a marathon...not a race. ;)

14. Why do some of you expect us to keep it groomed if you don't groom yourself?

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Not trying to go on a safari!

15. Do you think about other things during sex, besides sex?

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Because we have all wondered at some point whether or not we left our oven on.

16. Does it *actually* feel better without a condom?

Claudie Ossard Productions

Like good enough to have a kid????

17. How often do you masturbate?

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More than once a day? Twice a day?

18. Do you prefer doing it with the lights on or off?


Let's save electricity!

19. Does it actually matter what kind of underwear we're wearing?

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Or would you still rip my granny panties off me?

20. Do queefs freak you out?



21. Why do you have an obsession with spanking us?

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And are you gonna get freaked out if we spank you back?

22. Who told some of you to try and fit as many fingers inside of us as you can when fingering us?

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And also, please cut your fingernails.

23. Do you expect women to moan as much as porn stars do?

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This isn't a production. I have neighbors.

24. And does it actually turn you on when someone calls you daddy?



...literally not you.

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