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Posted on Nov 24, 2014

If We Were Actually Honest On Facebook

I put my engagement on Facebook before I even called my parents.

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When you post an engagement status:

Flickr: lovemaegan / Via Creative Commons

But you're looking forward to the likes almost as much as the wedding:

Flickr: lovemaegan / Via Creative Commons

When you share an article about current events:

But you honestly couldn't make it through the entire article:

When you comment on your friend's new engagement photos:

Creative Commons / Flickr: barefootboy

But you really just realize how single you are:

Creative Commons / Flickr: barefootboy

When you post a photo of your baby to show it off to the world:

Flickr: paparutzi / Via Creative Commons

But you know that sleep deprivation is the price of a cute baby:

Flickr: paparutzi / Via Creative Commons

When you post your amazing workout results:

But you really want to do a bit of a humble brag:

When it's just not your day and you share your mood with the world:

But you were cryptic enough so someone would ask you:

When you write on your S.O.'s wall:

But you just want everyone to know how in love you are:

When you hear a hot new song and decide to share it with friends:

But you really just want to show how trendy you are:

When you get a new job and post a status about it:

But you just want to show everyone how fabulous you are:

When you share your travels with your friends:

Creative Commons / Flickr: juanedc

But you're too busy taking pictures to take in the culture:

Creative Commons / Flickr: juanedc

When you write a status about being sick of Facebook:

But you're really trying to cover up the fact that you haven't been getting enough comments lately:

When you receive flowers from your love and have to share it:

Creative Commons / Flickr: kazandrew2

But you know it was hardly spontaneous:

Creative Commons / Flickr: kazandrew2

When you're out with friends and check in somewhere:

But you're in bed by 10:30:

When an old friend messages you:

But you're only responding because you fear the read receipt:

When you share your thoughts on a friend's status:

But nine notifications later, you regret leaving a comment:

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