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This Is What Fabletics Is Actually Like

What would Kate Hudson do?

Fabletics has been all over my Facebook ads and TV commercials for a solid six months now.

But because I'm an absolute sucker for athleisure wear, I was dying to try Fabletics to see what it was actually like. Was it actually cute AND practical for working out?

So I decided to try out a couple outfits from Fabletics to see if it lived up to the hype. As you might already know, Fabletics offered a deal to new VIP members to get a full outfit for $25.

So I took the bait and signed up for the VIP membership, knowing that I would have to remember to opt out unless I wanted a new charge on my credit card every month. It all begins with a FIT TEST.

Luckily for everyone, it's not actually a physical test and it takes less than 10 minutes to complete. It basically just asks you questions about your exercise experience. Do you cycle? Do you want a ton of support? Where do you work out, and is it outdoors? And what colors SPEAK TO YOUR SOUL??

After completing the test, I was able to look through a bunch of different outfits to see which one I wanted.

And you only get an hour to do so, which they love to remind you about every second!!!!!

Once I picked the outfit, which wasn't the one I actually wanted because so many were sold out, I bought that shit.

Then the clothes came. And boy oh boy I couldn't wait to try them on.

Outfit 1: The Shape Corvus Salar Legging ($39.95 for VIP) and the Clara Sports Bra ($24.95 for VIP)

I love, love the colors of this outfit, even though I was 200% sure I would hate it. I think it's fun as hell! I chose this outfit because it was outside of my comfort zone — the bright colors and crop top — but I feel like I kinda lucked out, in that it wasn't nearly as hideous as I imagined. (AT LEAST I DON'T THINK SO, OK?) The quality of these are OK, but I don't think I would spend more than $40 for the whole outfit. The pants didn't feel so great once I sweated a bit in them, but hey, at least they still LOOKED ok. The top offered literally zero support, but I think it's cute, so I forgave it. I don't know if I see myself ACTUALLY working out in this outfit ever again, but I would wear it to Target and pretend I just worked out, which is kinda similar. And the pants were quite stretchy, which is a MUST for me, as I don't like feeling suffocated by waist bands.

Would I wear this again? Yes, to Target. Not to the gym.

Outfit 2: The Lisette High-Waist Leggings ($44.95 for VIP) and the Mandy Seamless Midi Bra ($19.95 for VIP)

As I mentioned before — I truly gambled ordering an XS, because I am not size XS. But when it comes to yoga pants, there's some stretch involved, so I thought I might be OK. These pants barely stretched. If I wore these for more than two hours, my organs would surely cease to exist. IT FUCKING HURT. But the quality? Verrrrrryyyy nice. In fact, when I realized how much I liked the pants, I was pissed that I couldn't actually get them in a size that wouldn't someday prevent me from having children. The top was pretty great; I certainly wouldn't run marathons in it, because it lacked some serious support — but I wouldn't run a marathon anyway. All in all, I loved this outfit, even if it was just simple black. I'm a sucker for small details, and the top delivered with that fancy back.

Would I wear this again? Yes, if I bought the bigger pair of pants.

The hardest part about canceling the membership was that I had to CALL A NUMBER to do it and speak to an operator. Once I told them I wanted to cancel, they kept asking me if I was sure. It honestly made me question things, but I stood firm and canceled that damn membership.

All in all, I think Fabletics clothing is cute as hell, but I wouldn't want to remain a member and spend money on it every month. The clothes were cute — albeit not that practical for actual physical activity — but I hate the membership because $$$. SORRY, KATE.