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Ariana Grande Doesn't Seem To Know How To Rotate Photos On Instagram

Rotate me harder.

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This is Ariana Grande, pop singer sensation and donut licker.

We love her, she's great. But she seems to be suffering from a serious affliction.


That's right, Ariana doesn't seem to know how to rotate photos to upload to Instagram.

Why is your face sideways????

She's uploaded cute face selfies like this one.

What does your necklace look like???

And classic mirror selfies like this one.

You could add a heart but not rotate it???

She's even uploaded pictures of her and friends, but we have to turn our entire heads to see who it is.

Could barely tell she was wearing fangs.

What's this say??? Idk because it's UPSIDE DOWN.


Dear Ariana, on behalf of necks everywhere, please rotate your pictures on Instagram.

Sure, maybe you meant to, but we meant to keep neck pain at bay until we are in old age.

We love you but we love our necks more.

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