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A Typical Day For A High Schooler In 2008

You kissed a girl and you liked it.

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You are woken up suddenly by the "Marimba" ringtone on your iPhone 3G.

Gerald_Oh / Via Flickr: geraldoh

As you go to turn off the alarm, you notice five text messages and worry that you've gone over your texting limit.

me and the sysop / Via Flickr: pyxopotamus

You then roll out of bed, bump Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl," and stumble into the bathroom to get ready.

sinceresami / Via

You try your best to give yourself that Lauren braid, but then settle for the Lauren hairband.


It's time to get dressed! Maybe you'll wear your favorite Hollister shirt.

Or maybe you'll wear a Famous Stars and Straps tee instead.

And you can't forget your favorite jeans from the Buckle!

marlee_mcallister / Via

Time has flown by and you're now nearly late, so you sling on your Jansport backpack and run out the door.

jansportpty / Via

During your computer class, you kill time trying to unblock Facebook from the school computers so that you can send your friends some Bumperstickers.

In English, you watch a student argue about how Twilight should become assigned reading.

august13th2011 / Via

After that is lunch! While you try to talk to your friends, one person will keep interrupting with "I'ma let you finish, but..." because they think they're hilarious.

Christopher Polk / Via Getty Images Entertainment

Before you know it, the rest of the school day is over and you’re at home in front of the TV watching a Hills re-run.

si_na1989 / Via

While watching, you hear a funny quote about Justin Bobby and decide to get on Facebook so that you can write it on your friend's wall.


You spend the next thirty minutes writing back and forth on your friend's wall and carrying on an entire conversation.

Lara Parker / BuzzFeed

You then realize that you haven't updated your status in a while, so you write down what you're doing, literally.

_caseywayne / Via

You then notice that your friend posted about a dance tonight and you just had to be there!

Lara Parker / BuzzFeed

You hear Flo Rida's "Low" blasting as you walk in and immediately start to get real low on the dance floor.


The chaperones then begin to question what an "apple bottom" is, but you're too busy taking selfies on your Nikon to care.

Once it's time to go home, you snuggle into bed, pop in one of the DVD's you ordered off Netflix, and prepare to do it all over again tomorrow.

Bryan Peters / Via Flickr: urbandude

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