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A Day In The Life Of Someone Who Is Anxious

Excuse me while I play out the worst-case scenario in my head.

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You lie in bed for a couple of minutes and think about the worst-case scenario for your day.

When you finally get in the shower, you manage to get shampoo in your eye because you're too scared to close your eyes after hearing a noise.

On your drive to work, you spend half of your time looking in your rearview mirror for the cops who you're sure are out to get you for going five miles above the speed limit.

With the extra time you have, you clean up the texts and emails on your phone because nothing irritates you more than seeing those notifications.


And god forbid you get a call from a number you don't know, because if they don't leave a message you spend the rest of your day wondering who it was.

You check your Facebook and immediately start sweating when you realize everyone has their shit together way more than you do.

You suddenly remember that you have to talk to your boss today, and the butterflies in your stomach threaten to break free.

You think about texting your crush, but talk yourself out of it four times before you actually follow through.

You then spend the next five minutes creating scenarios in your head of what is about to go wrong.

And when they finally answer, you overanalyze every single word they say.

Someone tells you that you seem stressed, and you tell them that you're OK because THIS IS JUST YOUR LIFE.

You look at your to-do list and have a brief internal freak-out when you realize how little you accomplished today.

But thankfully, it's finally time to go home, the one place you feel completely comfortable.

Then the worst happens: Your friend invites you to a party and you've flaked on them one too many times to bail again.


So you throw on your favorite shirt and head out the door.

When you finally get to the party you spend most of your time pretending to read something on your phone or talking to the host's cat.

You vow to never leave your house for a social situation again. / Via HypoThyroid Mom

But then as soon as you return home, you remember all the TERRIBLE THINGS that can happen to you while alone.

You then spend the next three hours lying in bed, obsessing over the events of today and wondering what tomorrow will bring.

All jokes aside, anxiety is a legitimate mental disorder that can wreak havoc on peoples' lives. If you're suffering from anxiety, you should speak with a professional psychologist or psychiatrist, who can help you get the treatment and support you need. See a list of resources here.