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25 Movies From The '00s That Are So Bad They're Good


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2. Saved!

United Artists

You'll remember it because: There's a moment in the movie when Mandy Moore throws a bible at Jena Malone while screaming "I am FILLED with Christ's love." It's iconic.

5. Stick It

Buena Vista Pictures

You'll remember it because: It made gymnastics look easy and you believed for two hours that you, too, could be a gymnast under Jeff Bridges' coaching.

15. The Perfect Man

Universal Pictures

You'll remember it because: Hilary Duff catfished her mom, and also you couldn't believe that Mr. Big was actually a decent guy this time around.

20. Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!

DreamWorks Pictures

You'll remember it because: You were desperately in love with Topher Grace and you wanted a boy to count your different types of smiles.

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