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Which Australian Marriage Equality Bill Are You?

There's four to choose from!

There's no marriage equality in Australia, but soon enough, there will be a grand total of four bills in parliament, all aiming to legislate on the issue.

Marty Melville / Getty Images

Right now, three are just kicking around in the parliament with not enough people to vote for them. A fourth bill, a cross-party effort hailed as the best step yet for the reform, is set to be introduced in August. So, which one are you?

  1. Paul Faith / AFP
  2. Charles McQuillan / Getty Images)
  3. Raul Arboleda / AFP
  4. Charles McQuillan / Getty
  5. Jewel Samad / AFP
  6. Yana Paskova / Getty
  7. Luis Ascui / Getty
  8. Mario Tama / Getty

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