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    19 Sex Toys You Can Buy While Doing Your Other Christmas Shopping

    So your order confirmation emails will be nice, even if your purchases are naughty.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Now that high-quality sex toys and related products have found their way onto websites you might not expect, they're even easier to buy, because you can get them from the same place as your makeup, clothing, groceries, homeware, and other purchases. So as you're finishing up your Christmas shopping, why not get yourself a gift (or a few) too?

    The field of sex tech continues to expand in more body-safe, feminist, gender inclusive, and environmentally conscious directions, and many of the brands featured in this post reflect these positive changes.


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    Brands stocked: Dame Products, LELO, Smile Makers, Woowoo, YESforLOV

    Products available: sex toys, lube, condoms, massage oil and candles, intimate care

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    1. The Lelo Mia 2 vibrator is both discreet and powerful.


    This USB-rechargeable vibrator packs way more power than a battery-operated sex toy, and the precision tip is designed to specifically target small, focused areas. You can choose from a selection of six vibration patterns, and one charge will last for one and a half hours of continuous use. A satin pouch is included, along with a handy instruction manual and a warranty card!

    Also available in pink. In addition, Feelunique carries the Lelo cleaning spray, which is free of alcohol and silicone and makes it easy to keep your toys clean.

    Price: £69

    2. The Lelo Lily 2 vibrator is great for individual use *and* for partnered sex.


    This waterproof vibrator has eight stimulation patterns, which you can mix and match to suit your ~needs~. Designed for external use, this toy is ergonomically built to fit the contours of your body. Because it releases scents with aphrodisiac qualities while you're using it, this sex toy will add another layer of sensuality to your intimate time alone or with a partner. It's got a whisper-quiet motor and is small enough to transport almost anywhere, and one charge of this toy will last the user(s) for four hours – take my MONEY.

    Also available in purple.

    Price: £115

    3. The Smile Makers Millionaire vibrator can be used internally or externally, and it lasts for up to four hours on a single AAA battery.


    With four different speeds and two pulsation modes, this vibrator can be used internally *and* externally. Its body-safe silicone material is 100% waterproof and gentle on the skin, and you can easily switch between modes with a click of the button conveniently placed at the base of the toy.

    You can pair this vibrator with one of Smile Makers' lubes, which are available in a lighter silky serum and in a thicker gel formula.

    Price: £39.90

    4. The Dame Fin vibrator is small, precise, and powerful.


    This vibrator is designed to fit straight over your fingers for easy, flexible, and precise use. Ideal for use on your own and an incredible way to please a partner, this lightweight toy is waterproof, USB-charged, and made with skin-safe silicone.

    Price: £68

    5. The Dame Pillo is firm enough to support a variety of positions, and soft enough to feel great on your skin.


    Find your perfect angle with this soft-but-firm wedge, which includes a cotton-blend outer shell and nylon inner liner to ensure that the foam pillow inside stays clean and dry throughout all your, ahem, activities. Both covers are machine-washable, and the pillow won't stand out in most people's bedrooms.

    Price: £86

    6. The Unbound Cuffies are low-impact, high-performance handcuffs that require no complicated knots and can be applied and removed with zero effort.


    Made with a soft silicone that won't burn or cut into your skin, these easy-to-use cuffs are safer, faster, and easier to clean than rope ties or metal cuffs. Just place them over your partner's hands for a low-effort but firm hold, and remove 'em just as easily as you put them on!

    Price: £22

    7. The Unbound Bender 2.0 vibrator is flexible and has ten different speeds and vibration patterns.


    Great for both external and G-spot stimulation, this flexible vibrator has multiple speeds and patterns and is equipped with a magnetic USB charger. Because of its flexible material, you can form this toy to fit your body *exactly*, giving you a powerful, bespoke experience.

    Price: £69

    8. The Woo Woo arousal boosting lubricant does exactly what it promises to do.


    An incredible addition to partnered sex, the perfect way to enhance your ~quality time alone~, and ideal for use with sex toys, this water-based lube is safe for use with condoms and toys. It's also filled with natural moisturisers like aloe vera and Japanese honeysuckle.

    Price: £6.99


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    Brands stocked: LELO, Smile Makers

    Products available: sex toys, lube, massage candles

    9. The Lelo Sona vibrator employs sonic wave technology for a truly innovative orgasmic experience.


    The tip of the Sona resembles a tiny suction cup, but there’s no suction involved in its functionality. The Sona offers a different kind of sensation than a regular vibrator, using sonic waves and pulses to stimulate both the area directly around the tip and deeper under your skin. The silicone body has an ergonomic shape that fits nicely in the palm of your hand (or your partner’s) and the motor is relatively quiet at all eight intensity levels – it’s actually quieter when it’s touching your skin than when it’s not!

    A slightly pricier model, the Sona Cruise, is also available: it has a “cruise control” function that maintains the consistency of the vibrations even when it’s pressed to your body. Both models of the Sona are rechargeable with the included charger, fully waterproof, and honestly just look really luxe.

    Price: £89

    10. The Smile Makers Fireman vibrator has a fun, unique shape that allows for different kinds of stimulation.


    You can use the very tip of the toy for pinpoint stimulation against the clitoris or the flatter parts of the flame-shaped head to spread out the sensation to surrounding areas, and if you angle it properly, you can actually achieve both at the same time. The Fireman is made of body-safe silicone, features four speeds and two pulsation modes, and is fully waterproof. One AAA battery gives you about four hours of use.

    Price: £40

    11. The Lelo massage candle that helps you set the mood...and then some.


    Simply light this massage candle like you would any other candle, and once the all natural soy wax, shea butter, and apricot kernel oil blend melts, you can use it as a massage oil – just make sure you blow out the flame first! The candle is scented with snow pear and cedarwood, and the oil will moisturise your partner's skin while you rub out all of that tension in their shoulders, back, or anywhere else they might want you to put your hands.

    Safety note: oils and latex condoms don't always play well together, and shea butter shouldn't go in or around the vagina, so exercise caution and maybe wash your hands when you feel like transitioning between massage and other activities.

    Price: £25

    Cult Beauty

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    Brands stocked: Dame Products, LELO, Smile Makers, Unbound

    Products available: sex toys, lube

    12. The Dame Pom vibrator looks fairly inconspicuous, but don't be fooled – this lil' toy is an absolute powerhouse.

    Cult Beauty

    This vibrator lets you contour and flex its ergonomic shape to fit your body, and when it's not in use, it looks completely innocuous. It has ten different vibration patterns and speeds, which you can adjust according the position of the toy and your own ~needs~, and it comes with a sleek charging box too.

    Price: £95

    13. The Dame Zee bullet vibrator is a great way to get to grips with sex toys, either by yourself or with somebody else.

    Cult Beauty

    The tapered point of this (kind of gorgeous?) vibrator helps to target specific areas powerfully and consistently. Small enough to keep in your handbag, this vibrator's silky smooth silicone material gives it an edge over metal bullet toys that can feel harsher on the skin. It's got three speeds and a rechargeable battery as well!

    Price: £28

    14. The harder you grasp this Unbound Squish vibrator, the stronger its vibrations become.

    Cult Beauty

    Activated by pressure, this vibrator with five different speeds and patterns is pretty genius. You can alternate its intensity by just squeezing it, and this incredibly smart sex toy will record your preferences and replay them whenever you choose (yesssss).

    Price: £92

    15. The Oskia Rose de Mai massage candle smells incredible, and allows you to pour oil over your partner with minimal fuss and heat.

    Cult Beauty

    Although it's not actually listed in the sex tech section of the website, this massage candle definitely belongs in your boudoir repertoire. Just light the wick of this candle, wait for the wax to melt, and pour it out using the specially-designed holder. The candle has a low melting point, which means the liquid wax will be just the right temperature to comfortably use on your partner's skin! Plus, the formula nourishes and hydrates skin with ingredients like beeswax and coconut oil, and has a subtle rose scent.

    Price: £40

    Free People

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    Brands stocked: Dame Products, Gaia, LELO, Smile Makers, Queen V, Unbound

    Products available: sex toys, lube, massage oil and candles, intimate care

    16. The Dame Kip vibrator that looks and feels good from every angle.

    Free People

    At first glance, the Kip vibrator has an unusually angular shape for a vibrator, but the design is actually super clever – the pointed tip gives you a precise, focused sensation, while the triangular face cups the body and stimulates a larger area. Like the rest of Dame Products’ vibrator line, the Kip is made of medical-grade silicone; it’s also waterproof, features five vibration patterns and five intensity settings, and comes with a magnetic USB charger. Both its “lipstick” size and the quietness of its motor make it pretty discreet. Available in lavender and lemon yellow.

    Free People also sells the Dame Alu, a water-based, pH-balanced lube that comes in a relatively discreet blue pump bottle.

    Price: £88

    17. The On the Go kit is a great way to try out Unbound's products without breaking the bank.

    Free People

    It includes single use packets of the company's Jelly lube, Jolt clitoral gel, and G-Spot Stimulation Serum, as well as one Party Hat latex condom, one Booshies wet wipe, and the tiny but powerful Zip bullet vibe, which is made of body-safe silicone and takes one AAA battery. Plus, the kit comes in a mega cute zip-seal pouch that's millennial pink on one side and holographic silver on the other side.

    Price: £28

    18. The Unbound Gem glass wand has something for every body.

    Free People

    This double-ended dildo is made from a tough, durable borosilicate glass, which makes it super easy to clean and sterilise. It plays well with all kinds of lube, including oil and silicone-based ones, and can be heated (with hot water) or cooled (with ice water or in the fridge) if you want. The curved end is designed for G-spot stimulation, while the more tapered end is ideal for anal play, but you can definitely switch it up either alone or with a partner and see what works for you!

    Price: £28

    19. The Gaia Eco is the first ever biodegradable and recyclable vibrator, and it's friendly to the earth and to your wallet.

    Free People

    First things first: no, this toy will not biodegrade while it's inside you. With that out of the way, I can tell you that this sleek, affordable vibrator is made of a body-safe, starch-based bioplastic that is compatible with all lubes and can be used both externally and internally. The Gaia uses two AA batteries, which means it has no built-in battery to worry about at the end of its life, when it can be recycled. The twist dial at the base controls the multi-speed functions.

    Price: £12

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