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    19 Sex Toys You Can Buy While Doing Your Other Christmas Shopping

    So your order confirmation emails will be nice, even if your purchases are naughty.

    Now that high-quality sex toys and related products have found their way onto websites you might not expect, they're even easier to buy, because you can get them from the same place as your makeup, clothing, groceries, homeware, and other purchases. So as you're finishing up your Christmas shopping, why not get yourself a gift (or a few) too?

    The field of sex tech continues to expand in more body-safe, feminist, gender inclusive, and environmentally conscious directions, and many of the brands featured in this post reflect these positive changes.


    Filed under: Sexual wellness

    Brands stocked: Dame Products, LELO, Smile Makers, Woowoo, YESforLOV

    Products available: sex toys, lube, condoms, massage oil and candles, intimate care

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    1. The Lelo Mia 2 vibrator is both discreet and powerful.

    2. The Lelo Lily 2 vibrator is great for individual use *and* for partnered sex.

    3. The Smile Makers Millionaire vibrator can be used internally or externally, and it lasts for up to four hours on a single AAA battery.

    4. The Dame Fin vibrator is small, precise, and powerful.

    5. The Dame Pillo is firm enough to support a variety of positions, and soft enough to feel great on your skin.

    6. The Unbound Cuffies are low-impact, high-performance handcuffs that require no complicated knots and can be applied and removed with zero effort.

    7. The Unbound Bender 2.0 vibrator is flexible and has ten different speeds and vibration patterns.

    8. The Woo Woo arousal boosting lubricant does exactly what it promises to do.


    Filed under: Lingerie > Accessories

    Brands stocked: LELO, Smile Makers

    Products available: sex toys, lube, massage candles

    9. The Lelo Sona vibrator employs sonic wave technology for a truly innovative orgasmic experience.

    10. The Smile Makers Fireman vibrator has a fun, unique shape that allows for different kinds of stimulation.

    11. The Lelo massage candle that helps you set the mood...and then some.

    Cult Beauty

    Filed under: Tools > Sex tech

    Brands stocked: Dame Products, LELO, Smile Makers, Unbound

    Products available: sex toys, lube

    12. The Dame Pom vibrator looks fairly inconspicuous, but don't be fooled – this lil' toy is an absolute powerhouse.

    13. The Dame Zee bullet vibrator is a great way to get to grips with sex toys, either by yourself or with somebody else.

    14. The harder you grasp this Unbound Squish vibrator, the stronger its vibrations become.

    15. The Oskia Rose de Mai massage candle smells incredible, and allows you to pour oil over your partner with minimal fuss and heat.

    Free People

    Filed under: Beauty + Wellness > Self Love

    Brands stocked: Dame Products, Gaia, LELO, Smile Makers, Queen V, Unbound

    Products available: sex toys, lube, massage oil and candles, intimate care

    16. The Dame Kip vibrator that looks and feels good from every angle.

    17. The On the Go kit is a great way to try out Unbound's products without breaking the bank.

    18. The Unbound Gem glass wand has something for every body.

    19. The Gaia Eco is the first ever biodegradable and recyclable vibrator, and it's friendly to the earth and to your wallet.

    Other retailers

    Boots and Ocado also carry sex toys, condoms, and lubricant.

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