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    17 Best-Selling Sex Products That Are Really Popular On Lovehoney

    Don't worry, we know you're just here to take an interest (ahem).

    Lovehoney has a list of it's bestselling products, and we've found some that we thought you might want to know about!

    1. Lovehoney's Magic Wand vibrator plugs straight into the mains, so it's incredibly powerful.

    2. Folks love this Silencer Whisper seven-inch vibrator, because it's quiet and effective.

    3. You honestly can't go wrong with a classic rabbit vibrator, which works its magic both externally and internally.

    4. This butt plug vibrates, and it's absolutely perfect for beginners.

    5. This double-texture stroker works great, whether you're using it alone or with someone else!

    6. This prostate massager does exactly what it says on the tin.

    7. Lovehoney's own-brand sex toy kit has everything you need to get you going.

    8. People seem to really love this Clone-A-Willy vibrator kit, which allows you to make a highly personalised sex toy.

    9. This love egg is powered by a remote, so you can literally hand over the controls to your partner.

    10. People love these bestselling handcuffs, which are just the right mix of cute and intimidating (goals TBH).

    11. These restraints run under your mattress, so they'll def keep you steady!

    12. People really like this sheer suspender bodystocking, which runs from UK sizes 8-16...

    13. ... and this pretty push-up dress, which runs from a UK size 18 to a 28, has its fans too!

    14. A cock ring can be a really great way to bring couples closer together (ahem).

    15. Reviewers are raving about this small but powerful clitoral suction toy.

    16. Water-based lube is an absolute must for pretty much all sex toys.

    17. And finally, some sex toy cleaner won't hurt either.

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