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    7 Vibrators You Can Get On Amazon That Are Quiet, Discreet, And Most Importantly, Effective

    For when you have ~needs~, but you also have housemates.

    1. This cordless wand massager has over 180 rave reviews from some very happy customers.

    2. The Satisfyer 2 clitoral suction toy has over 330 rave reviews too!

    3. This quiet but powerful little bullet vibrator has 175 five-star reviews.

    4. A two-way silent vibrator that has been rated five stars by 70% of reviewers.

    5. This remote-control love egg has been rated five stars by 79% of customers.

    6. This vibrator is shaped like a lipstick.

    7. This quiet vibrator got five-stars from 81% of reviewers!

    8. And while you're here, consider buying some water-based lube to go with your vibrator.