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    12 Canadian Stories That Are Just So, So, So Good

    In case you need a reason to smile this week.

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    1. A pilot drew a heart in the sky in memory of the victims in Nova Scotia.

    Portapique: Spotted on FlightRadar: A pilot of a single-engine aircraft flew over the Portapique area in the shape of a heart this evening. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims.

    Twitter: @i

    2. Canadians across the country are working out at home and raising money to #CRUSHCOVID.

    On Friday I'll be riding for 24 hours to raise funds for frontline healthcare workers @MGHToronto. I'll be joined virtually by cyclists around the world, coming together to #CRUSHCOVID. If you can, please donate here: Thanks to sponsor @FieldTRIPco

    3. These parents are dressing their baby as different celebrities and it's freakishly adorable.

    4. While the Vancouver Canucks mascot is getting in on some hot Tik Tok trends while in quarantine.

    One whale Orcastra #Ding #HockeyAtHome #StandByMe

    Twitter: @i

    5. This good little boi just wants to help a window washer.

    6. And a daily "O Canada" trumpet performance transports us back to elementary school.

    Every night, a trumpet player performs ‘O Canada’ from his 19th floor balcony for all the residents of an apartment complex near Yonge and St. Clair. “When the anthem started from the 19th floor there was total silence as everyone stood in amazement,” said resident, Lynn Pady.

    Twitter: @CBCToronto

    7. Somehow this piece of mail found its way to the right address.

    Musician Alan Doyle recently received this letter from BC thanks to Canada Post who got it there with little to no information available.

    8. Virtual family visits are being organized and offered to patients and their loved ones.

    9. And a 92-year-old Canadian from Newfoundland celebrated the fact that she "kicked COVID-19's ass". You go girl!

    92-year-old Rita Hickey of Chapel’s Cove has recovered from COVID-19. Well, she didn’t just recover - she kicked its A**. @NTVNewsNL

    10. This Toronto lawyer started a table of kindness project which puts out free groceries for those in need.

    11. Some Canadians are even working out online to help local food banks.

    12. And finally, Canada is stepping up to support front-line workers.

    Stronger Together 🍁 Tous Ensemble, will feature a star-studded lineup in support of front-line workers fighting COVID-19 across Canada. 🇨🇦❤️ Don't miss it, Sunday at 6:30ep on Global. #StrongerTogether #TousEnsemble

    Stronger Together will air across Canada with Canadian stars like Celine Dion, Michael Bublé, Sarah McLachlan, and Shania Twain all set to appear.

    Have a feel good story? Drop a comment so we can feature it next week!

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