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    You Can Actually Eat The "Grey Stuff" From Disney's "Beauty And The Beast"

    ♫ Try the grey stuff, it's delicious! ♫

    One of everyone's favorite songs in Disney's Beauty and the Beast is, of course, "Be Our Guest."

    You know, when the Beast's staff of enchanted servants who live in the castle shower Belle with all the food she could ever want.

    And Lumiere offers Belle a number of different desserts, including "the grey stuff."

    Disney / Via

    Belle even makes this cartoon food look pretty yummy.

    Disney / Via

    Well now, the Be Our Guest restaurant at Walt Disney World has the grey stuff on their menu.

    Disney / Via

    And people have been able to eat this famous dessert in real life.

    It looks like it comes on top of a chocolate cake of sorts.

    And people seem to love it.

    Really, really love it.

    In a big way.

    Bon appétit!

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