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We Need To Talk About How People Are Putting Mint Leaves In Their Coffee

Move over, pumpkin spice.

Coffee lovers from coast to coast, nation-wide, and all around the globe: There is an URGENT matter that requires all of our attention.

On a recent trip out to San Francisco, I fell in love with a coffeehouse chain named Philz. It was there I discovered something I've never seen before and didn't realize was such a popular item for coffee lovers...

...Californians put MINT in their coffee!

When they put mint in your coffee you know you're in California

I'm sure a lot of coffee drinkers outside of California also use mint leaves, but this seems like an especially commonplace, popular menu item on the West Coast.

And I don't mean mint-flavored coffee, syrup, or creamer. (It's no secret people love their peppermint mochas.)

I'm talking about real, green mint leaves gloriously floating on top of freshly poured coffee.

Hot coffee. Iced coffee. It doesn't make a difference, you can put fresh mint in it!

So much mint, so delicious. @KrystieLYandoli 🍃 #PhilzDeHaro #MintManiac

I accidentally ended up with a mint leaf in my coffee one morning when I ordered a large cup of "Soooo Good."

After doing careful and thorough research, I learned that mint in coffee is INDEED A Thing. It's just A Thing that some of us on the East Coast don't know about.

One of the more popular mint coffees at Philz is the Mint Mojito Iced Coffee.

Of course Philz isn't the only place where you can order mint leaves in your coffee. There's also Roast Coach...

...Bliss Coffee, and boutique cafes among so many others.

Not to mention, there are also recipes that tell you how to make on your own without the help of a barista.

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