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23 Times Liz Lemon Said What You're Actually Thinking


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1. When your newsfeed is filled with your peers' engagement announcements.

2. When the last thing you need is another vodka soda.

3. When someone judges you for ordering dessert before your main course.

4. When someone puts the Chris Brown Pandora station on at the party.

5. When you feel defensive about your outfit.

6. When you're tired of going on so many first dates.

7. And when your casual relationship starts to get more serious.

8. When all of your friends plan a weekend trip and don't invite you.

9. When you can't sleep because you're thinking about your to-do list.

10. When you manage to get through a conversation with someone who's attractive and not sweat through your shirt.

11. When you have to go to a social gathering without your bestie.

12. When your subway line isn't properly running on the weekends.

13. And your friends try to convince you to spend Friday night in Williamsburg.

14. But you end up spending the night in bed with Netflix.

15. When a co-worker steals your lunch out of the refrigerator at work.

16. But you remember a new Chipotle just opened up down the block.

17. When your time of the month happens earlier than you expected.

18. When you didn't get the job offer you were hoping for.

19. When you have a craving for chocolate but are boycotting Valentine's Day.

20. When you overshare during a game of "Never Have I Ever."

21. When your significant other calls you their lover.

22. When you get dragged to a birthday party and find out there isn't any dessert.

23. And when there just aren't any words.

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