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    These Shocking Disney Princess Posters Urge Survivors Of Domestic Violence To Report Their Cases

    "Happy Never After" — a project created by artist Saint Hoax — tells women, "it's never too late to put an end to it."

    Artist Saint Hoax recently created a series of Disney Princess posters that encouraged young sexual assault survivors to report their attacks.

    Now, the artist is using images of the princesses again, but this time to raise awareness about domestic violence.

    "As a Middle Eastern artist, I always have the urge to voice out the injustice and inequality that takes place in my region," Saint Hoax said. "Sadly, the news here is filled with stories of abused housewives, daughters, sisters, mothers."

    Saint Hoax's goal is to informing victims that they are not alone and that it's never too late for them to take a stand against this injustice.

    Saint Hoax told BuzzFeed, "By portraying Disney princesses as victims of domestic violence, I'm proposing the idea that woman is safe from being emotionally, physically, or sexually abused."

    Check out more of Saint Hoax's work on their website and Facebook page.