There Was A "Gilmore Girls" Reunion With Lane Kim's Band And It Was Adorable

    Hep Alien forever.

    Lane Kim, one of the best and most interesting characters on Gilmore Girls, was always obsessed with rock music.

    She was even known to drive Rory a little crazy from time to time with her antics.

    Eventually, she became quite the drummer.

    After Lane started a band called Hep Alien, they all became staples around Stars Hollow and Gilmore Girls.

    Hep Alien had a lot of bandmates come and go, but the loyal musicians throughout were always Lane, Brian, and Zack.

    And earlier this month, Brian (John Cabrera) tweeted a photo of the bandmates back together again:

    Tonight @KeikoAgena got back on the drums for Fell In Love With A Girl. @Todd__Lowe & I had to join in. #GilmoreGirls

    The internet reacted (a.k.a. freaked out) accordingly.

    @johncabrera @KeikoAgena @Todd__Lowe OH. MY. GOD.

    @johncabrera @KeikoAgena @Todd__Lowe day, week, year, MADE.

    @johncabrera @KeikoAgena @Todd__Lowe oh man I wish I could hear this! I literally squealed! #GilmoreGirlsForever

    @johncabrera @KeikoAgena @Todd__Lowe hep alien forever!

    *emotionally prepares for other possible Gilmore Girls reunions in the future*