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23 Questions Women Have For Men About Boners

Can you pee when you have a boner?

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1. Does it hurt when you have to tuck your boner into your pants?

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2. Does it always grow to the same size?

3. Can you pee when you're completely hard?

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4. Does it always point toward the same direction?

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5. Do guys ever talk to each other about their boners?

6. Does it actually feel good to put your boner in a sock?

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7. Is your penis extra sensitive when you have a boner?

8. Do you ever feel self-conscious about your boner?

9. What's the quickest way to get rid of a boner?


10. Which type of boner is best?

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11. Which is the least convenient type of boner to get?

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12. How is it possible to get hard after you finish?

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13. Do you finish every single time you get a boner?

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14. What's your favorite word for boners?

15. When people talk about average dick size, does that mean with or without a boner?

16. Can you break your penis when you have a boner?

17. Which is more painful: getting kicked in the dick with or without a boner?

18. Do certain fabrics affect your boner?

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19. If you're uncircumcised, do you prefer to look at your penis while it's hard or flaccid?

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20. Do compression shorts actually hide boners?


21. Does it ever hurt if you don't release after getting a boner, like "blue balls" sensation?

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22. Does cold water make your boner go away?

23. Is it common for you to have a boner and not even realize it?

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