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    22 Questions Straight Women Have For Straight Men About Dating

    Let's talk about cuffing season.

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    1. Do you think it's annoying that you're expected to pay for dates?

    2. When you say, "Sorry I was sleeping," were you actually just having sex with someone else?

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    3. Is there a certain amount of time you wait to text someone back?


    4. Do you intentionally leave your read receipts on?

    5. How much time, energy, and thought do you put into your online dating profiles?

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    6. Do you just use Tinder for hook-ups?

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    7. Do you expect women to buy condoms?

    8. Why don't you ever have lube around?

    9. Do you ever wish your sex life were more like the porn you watch?

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    10. What scares you about having a breakup talk?

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    11. Does it bother you when women ghost on you?

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    12. Does it bother you if you're dating someone who's dating more than one person at a time?

    13. Do you feel bad if you stop talking to someone after you have sex?

    14. What do you really mean when you call an ex "crazy?"


    15. How much detail do you go into with your friends about your love life?

    16. What qualifies as "clingy" to you?


    17. Do you believe in the three-day texting rule?

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    18. How do you know when you have real feelings for someone?

    19. What are your thoughts on cuffing season?


    20. Do you actually care about a woman's *number*?

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    21. Do you like getting dressed up for date night or would you always rather be on a couch eating pizza?

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    22. Have you ever actually been intimidated by a woman's parents?

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